First,when you order the virgin human hair,you extract any one or two root, use a lighter to burn, hair will turn into a black ball of fire, hand gently rub it into a powder, smell a kind of scorched protein taste. Fiber made of fire will become a hard ball, rub not open, and there is a smell of nylon burned,then the hair is good virgin human hair.


Second,virgin human hair all have good heat-resistant. The maximum temperature of heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees -200 degrees, so you can choose a strand of hair with a straight clip or point coil with the maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius heating straightened or bent, there is a hot paste that is hot wire,no hair paste is the virgin human hair.


Third, virgin human hair surface has layer of hair cuticle, a bit like a fish scale, along the touch of time, very smooth, but in turn touch the time, I feel not very smooth, "Zi" about the sound, which is a Very professional way to distinguish between true and false hair.So when you choose the virgin human hair,please first touch it to determine whether it is smooth.


We can learn from above methods, you can also apply the methods to Beautyforever hair.Beautyforever hair is 100% virgin human hair, which is beautiful, smooth, flexible and difficult to hair loss,Beautyforever hair is your best choice!