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How to Create Hair Wig with Closure and Bundles?

Dec 5, 2022

Estare bought 18" lace closure, 26" 24" 22" human hair bundles and She made a video to tell us how she create her customized human hair wigs with Beautyforever lace closure and hair bundles from start to finish.

Materials to make hair wig

Pins, clips, cap, Beautyforever lace closure, human hair bundles.


How I create hair wig with closure and bundles?

I love use pins to secure the closue onto my manikin head, this helps to make sure the lace frontal is as flat as possible and when I am sewing the closure to the cap, it also helps to make sure the closure doesn't move.

The firt stage I am taking through the hair closure is going to be only one that go through every single layer of the cap, the rest of the stitching on the closure is only going to go through the upper layer of mesh on the cap.

Next, stitching my bundles onto the cap, stitching bundles from ear to ear, down at the back of the cap.

I prefer using the fold of my thread rather than cutting the human hair wefts when i get to be eages of the cap, and to do this, I just take the weft, I fold it over back to the direction, I am going to continue sewing in, I take my needle through the weft and out through the cap and I do that one more time and I continue stitching my capas no more.


I do a little bit of customization to the closure, just make sure the hairline looks a little bit more natural, I also add some of my liquid foundation to the parting, and some of my bangs out to the front of closure, just saw as much as my skin tone a bit more.


This is pretty much how I make every single wigs.

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