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How To Curl A Wig With A Curling Iron

Mar 20, 2023

Human hair wigs can be curled and styled just like your own hair to glam up your everyday look. Here are some super easy ways to get voluminous waves and curls with a curling iron on your wig. Follow the article below and find the tutorial you need to curl human hair wigs.

1.Prep With Tools And Products

human hair wigs, curling iron or flat iron, wide tooth comb, gloves, heat protectors, hair spay, curlers

2.Curling Tips Before You Curl A Wig

The raw material of virgin hair wigs are real human hair donated from person, So it needs delicate protection just like your own hair to get a long time use.
Wash your real hair wig with shampoo and make sure that it has been air-dried completely before you curl a wig.
Heat resistant 300°F. That is the maximum temperature to use to keep your virgin human hair wig safe from dulling and fading. Turn on the irons and control the speed in a appropriate range to create durable curls with less damage to your wig hair.
Don’t forget to use a heat protection spray before you curl a wig. Heat can not only dry your hair out but also destroy the integrity of the inner structure of the wig hair, and even decrease the longevity of that beautiful color it has.
Wear heat heat insulation gloves to protect your from scald yourself. You can practice the curling techniques with the irons OFF, then turn on the heat and curl your hair after you feel confident and become more skillful.

3.Curl Loose Wave Wig With A Curling Iron

Curling irons are easy to use and come in a variety of barrel size, It is a best way to use this classic tool to achieve various curls to your human hair wig.
The first curling techniques are designed to teach you how to create loose wave using your curling iron. Here we go.
First of all, put your wig on or put it on a wig stand, then take a small section hair and mist with a heat protection spray from at least 6 inch away to protect the hair.
The key here is to twist the entire section from base to end and wrap it around the curling iron all in the same direction. If you want to curl away from the face, twist and wrap in the outwards direction from your face.
Wrap the entire twisted section around your curling iron and let it heat up.
Remove your curling iron and allow the curl to cool in your palm. Once your entire head is curled, shake the curls out with your fingers to loosen and add more volume.

4.Curl Body Wave Wig With A Curling Iron

The second flat wrapped technique creates a wide curl with lots of volume called body wave. The final result will resemble a however the tightness of the curl depends on the width and thickness of your sections. If you desire more volume, this body wave type is for you! Scroll down to see how it is done.
First of all, put your wig on or put it on a wig stand, then take a vertical section hair and mist with a heat protection spray from at least six inch away to protect the hair from the heat. Then use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product.

Choose the direction you want the hair to curl, either toward your face or away from your face. For this technique we recommend using wider sections.
Focus on keeping the section flat while wrapping it around your curling iron. The secret to this curl is keeping the hair wrapped flat against the curling iron barrel without twisting. To keep the hair flat against the curling iron you will need to adjust your hands each time you go around the iron, otherwise the hair will naturally want to twist around the barrel.
Continue to wrap the hair around the iron until you get to the ends. To create more natural looking curls, don not curl the last two seconds or so.

5.Buy Curly Human Hair Wigs Online

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