Remy human hair:

Remy human hair is cut from a girl's head top to end, the hair cuticle is headed in the same direction,like a fish scale is along the same direction, the hair feel good, high fidelity and not easy to knot, it can be Bureau,dyeing,hot and easy to change hair,but the price is high.General white Americans,black Americans and Jewish rich groups prefer remy human hair a lot.According to customer requirements,remy human hair production is general selection of European hair, Indian hair and Chinese hair.


Non-Remy human hair:

Non-Remy human hair cuticle is chaotic,hand touch is not smooth, it is easy to tie the hair and not easy to care, the price is relatively cheap.Non-remy hair is collected from the floor of temples, salons and random suppliers. To solve the problem of hair scales chaos,the hair will go through a process sometimes referred to as an “acid bath”,to completely remove the entire cuticle,which make it smooth.But its quality is still far worse than remy human hair.

human hair cuticle

So when we choose the human hair,the best choice is remy human hair,although the price is a little more expensive,but no matter from the hand feel, color or service life,remy human hair is much better! Beautyforever Hair is a well-known human hair manufacturer,100% virgin Human Hair,cut from one donor,cuticle holding,no lice and nits,no grey hair.The ends of our virgin Human Hair is full length and weight,all the hair is the same color,the hair ends is healthy.