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How To Install T Part Wigs For Beginners?

Are you confused when you get your new T part wig as a freshman and do not know how to install it? It is okay, calm down and read on. You will definitely understand how to do it well soon.

T part wigs are a type of lace frontal wigs made for people who want to have a realistic appearance without worrying about money budget. Due to their versatile features, T part wigs are perfect for any occasion, no matter working offices, Halloween parties, or the beach, you will always look flawless and beautiful. With low maintenance, they are friendly for wig beginners to try and easy to grasp the correct installation methods.

Shampoo and condition your hair


shampoo your hair

Many people forget this significant step when they receive a new human hair wig and hurry to apply it on the head. Cleaning hair before covering it with the other hair layer. The dirty, wet, and oily scalp is the main culprit for hair loss and damage. Protect and take care of your soft and silk hair for a pretty look by brushing, shampooing, and conditioning hair properly.

Please make sure your hair is completely dry then move to the next step. Hair is more fragile than the normal time when it is wet.

Flatten your natural hair

Flatten natural hair and ensure this unit will not be too high, or it may look unnatural, showing the truth that you are wearing a wig, and ruining your planned hairstyles.

Generally, you can braid your hair to make it lay flat. The most popular and easiest braid pattern is straight back braids, which means whether you have long hair or short hair, part your hair into several sections and braid every section straight to the back as cornrows.

hair cornrows

For long hair, it is better to secure the rest of the hair outside your head on the nape by pins or clips. Gather the ends and fix them altogether.

In addition, trying to apply gel or spray to lay down the edges helps to protect hair from tangles and breakage.

Wear a wig cap and color it


Coloring the wig cap is one of the most important tips to apply lace frontal wigs and appear supernatural. After flattening hair, it is easy to wear a wig cap. Wig caps give you a more smooth look from the outside and reduce unnecessary hair friction as well.

Then, use foundation makeup to color your wig cap, blending it with your skin better. You could certainly get a seamless and flawless hair crack because of that.

Clean your forehead


For people who pursue a very natural hairline, clean the dirt and oil on the skin before laying down the lace. Then, dry it with a dry towel so that lace clings to your forehead firmly.

Match the wig part to your head.


Go ahead and fits the wig to your head perfectly, clip the T part wig on your head, place the elastic band portion around your head first, and link of the slide to the back of the wig.

Apply your wig with glue


Once your cap is in place, it's time to wear the wig. When applying glue, you don't need to apply too much at one time, a small amount by many times is the best method. Please do not paste the lace just after applying the glue. Make sure the glue is semi-dry but sticky to the touch, then you can attach the lace.

Place the lace section just above the hairline where it looks natural (along the hairline) and secures it with a rubber band or wig tape. 

It is recommended to leave the wig tape on for 10-20 minutes and then start cutting the lace.

Cut off the extra lace


When cutting the wig's lace, use slow, zigzag motions to mimic the imperfections of your natural hairline—ideally using small nail clippers or even an eyebrow-shaving tool.

You can section the lace part into three parts first of all, then trim it gently.

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