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How To Maintain V Part Curly Wigs?

Do you love V part wigs with curly hairstyles? It is no doubt that curly hair never goes out of style and plays a significant role in fashion. Because of its features, a V part wig is convenient to wear, but V part curly wigs are hard to maintain. Today, Beautyforever is going to tell you how to maintain it well.

Wigs are easily consumable and asking for more effort to take care of, especially for curly wigs. As we all know, human hair wigs could last for years with less wearing frequency, and keep more than half a year when wear them daily with good care. Curly wigs allow you to show this timeless look over and over again. Although curly wigs require more maintenance, they can be easily kept in top condition with proper curl care.

 Beautyforever  V Part Wig Natural Color Body Wave

To know how to maintain V part curly human hair wigs, we not only need to learn the tips but should know what make them lose luster, get dullness and loose curl.

Untangle your hair


Prepare a metal comb with big gaps. Metal combs can help to remove static electricity in the hair and get rid of the perplexity of static curly hair. Comb your hair twice a week at least.

Untangle hair is the most important step, but also the easiest one to ignore. Curly hair, especially the wig that has big curls, hard to see the tangled knots through sight, unless to brush it by combs.

V part curly human hair wigs are smooth when you firstly take them out of the package. With time goes on, wind blows our hair and makes them tangled. It is hard to untangle hair in a short time if you leave it out for a long time.

The process you brush your hair may hurt it again. Please keep in mind: brush hair from the ends to the roots. Generally, knots gather around the ends. Comb your hair from the top to the ends will make the knots be more and harder to untangle, so that break hair texture or cut off hair finally.

Keep hair moisturized

Image, your hair become dry and dull without water, just like dry straw. What a horrible scene! Compared with straight hair, curly hairstyles, such as body wave, loose wave, Jerry curly, kinky curly, having big hair volumes are easy to be caught by wind meanwhile.

1. Spray water


Get a spray bottle and fill it by water. Spray water towards your curly wigs when you find it dull. Or you can also spray moisturized mist. It works great.

humidifier could increase the humidity of a room, then for the hair.

2. Condition hair regularly

Condition your curly wig every time you wash it.

Conditioning curly hair means to feed your hair with nutrition, which help it grows quick and healthy. Moreover, moisturized condition, the condition that made for keeping the moisture of hair, will lock water by forming a protective wall. Store the water and provide hair enough water in time.

3. Apply oil

Swear coconut oil on the ends of hair directly or apply the conditioner that has coconut oil ingredient.
Coconut oil has many benefits for hair. It is used to relieve dandruff, restore luster to dry and damaged hair, tame frizz, and protect hair against styling damage.

Wash your wig

An easy way to take care of your wig is to wash it. It's a good and effective way to add some much-needed moisture, and to restore some of its bounce. Curly wigs are sometimes dirty because of their characteristics of adsorbed dust.

When washing curly wigs, wet the hair strands from the top of the head down, and do not rub hard during the washing process, as this will increase frizz and damage the hair. Apply shampoo, rinse lather thoroughly with a stream of water, then apply conditioner. Finally, pat dry with a towel, and let it air dry on a wig stand.

Renew curly hair

 Beautyforever V Part Highloght Natural Color Body Wave Wig

One of the biggest concern about V part curly wigs is to keep their bounce and curls. Some people are blessed with curly hair and hard to change the inherited curvature. But the curly hair formed by chemical products comes straight with time goes on. The bigger curls are, the sooner hair lose its bounce.

1. Twist hair by fingers

Use your finger to twist hair curl gently.

You can section hair piece by piece and then twist each. Allow it to fall back into its original curl pattern. If you notice that your curls are not bouncing back properly, try twisting your curls in the opposite direction.

2. Lift your hair

Have you ever seen the posture of a waiter hold a dish by his hands? Do the same to your hair. Lift curly hair from the ends to restore its bounce.

3. Try a curling iron

Human hair wigs bear heat tools. Use a curling iron on low temperature to avoid heat damage and style the hair. There is no need to curl hair more than original pattern. Just let your hair recall its pattern.

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