Usually, people use human hair bundles with closure to sew a wig. And the price of closure is more expensive than a hair bundle. So if you make a wig without closure, it will save your money. How does it realize? In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make a wig without closure.




Needle, strands, hair cap net, human hair bundles ( 3 bundles or 4 bundles)


Step for sewing a wig by human hair bundles without closure


1. Leave a u-part section on the forehead of the cap net.

2. Mark section on the other section, then sews hair weave on the hair tracks.

3. Braid your own hair tight, leave a u-part of your own hair.

4. Fix the wig on your head. Sew the edge on the braid hair track you make.

5. Apply some hair conditioner on the wig. Deal with the part you leave of your own hair.

6. Braid the hair, then loose it. Make it the same as the hairstyle you make a wig.

7. Style the hair. Nice and natural look with the wig.


Maybe the steps above you can’t understand it completely, we will give you our model showing. She will tell you how to make a wig without closure step by step. Here is what she said.


Her skill is amazing, right? She made a perfect human hair wig with human hair bundles, but no lace closure.


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