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How To Make a Wig

Mar 28, 2023

How to make a wig is a question for green hand on hair beginner, today we will share with you about wig making step by step, we hope it would help you. How to make a wig with closure and bundles?

Wigs are the most common things in black women's life. Almost every women African America use wigs to replace their original hair. But how to make a wig, not everyone knows it. In this hair tutorial, let us learn how to make a wig by hair weave and closure.


How to Make A Wig With Closure and Bundles 


Main materials tools needed for wig making: 


Tripod stand


Mannequin head or blockhead ( resembles a real head)


Hair weave and closure (you can also choose frontal)


Wig cap (straps adjustable)


Needle thread (use cotton or nylon)


Measuring tape



 materials for making a wig

After the main materials for wig making are well prepared,  you should know your exact head size so that you can make a perfect wig. Now let us talk about how to measure your head size:


Head size measure methods for making a custom wig


First: Circumference


The circumference is a way around your hairline, please wrap your hairline upon your ear, and tight your measurement which feels comfortable. There you will get the size, and check it. Generally, 21 inch to 23 inches is a national standard, there is a strap on the wig you can adjust the size from 21 inches to 23 inches. If you have a special size, smaller or larger, you need to tell the wig makers before you place an order.


Second: Front to nape


Use the measurement from the middle of your forehead, come across the top of your head, then to the bottom. If you can’t operate it well, you can find somebody do it for you and gets the right size.


Third: Ear to ear across forehead


From ear to ear, across your forehead. For lace front wigs, the size should be 13inch normally, different hair manufacturer uses different sizes, some use 13*4 inch lace frontal, some use 13*6 inch lace closure, if you want your pre-plucked wig's hairline long, you can choose 13*6 inch lace closure.


Forth: Ear to ear top head


From ear to ear, across your top head. Please keep straight with your ear and the top head. This step decides how deep the wig cap.


Fifth: temple to temple round back


From temple to temple, across the back of your head. Keep a Horizontal line with your ear.


Last: nape of the neck


At the bottom of your neck hairline, measuring the size.


Here is the chart for reference on how to measure your head for custom wig making.

 measure your head


Process for making a wig with closure and bundles step by step:


① While you know your exact head size, you can prepare the mannequin head, fix it well on the tripod stand. Then put the wig cap on the mannequin head, adjust the strap to the right size. Mark the hair tracks on the net cap, then you can sew-ins on the hair net.


② Step by step sewing in a wig. Choose human hair or synthetic hair you will use, today we choose human hair which is comfortable when you wear it. Following the hair tracks, sew in hair extensions on the cap. Please make sure it is tight. About the lace closure, you can sew it first or sew it after finishing the hair weave around. You can make a part on the closure which makes the wig very natural.


③ Comb and style the wig. After you finished the wig, please make sure to use the wide comb to avoid shedding or tangle. You can style the hair to the hairstyle you like. Cause all the hair we sell is 100 human hair which can be bleached, permed or styled. When you use the iron flat, set it in the proper temperature, or it will ruin the hair.

 process of making a wig


How to Put On A Wig


1. Prepare your hair well. Braid your own hair and make your hair flat. No matter you have long hair or short hair, you need to make sure that all of your natural hair is pulled back from your hairline. So it is invisible under your wig. It is complex for braiding if your hair is long. There is a way to separate your hair into 2 pieces and twist them, crossing the two pieces behind your head, you can attach them across the top and the bottom. Short hair can be flat easily, you can comb and pin it away from the hairline. No matter long hair or short hair you have, first thing make sure your own hair tide and flat.
2. Clean your skin around your hairline with a cotton pad dipped in an alcohol solution. You can move oils and impurities in this way. It is a good way to protect your skin from irritation and damage from the glue or adhesive tape.
3. apply glue or adhesive tape around your hairline, make sure it is not too thick nor too thin. Then dry it with a few minutes. In order to create a natural and invisible effect, people always choose glue.
4. Wear the wig on your head. Put on the wig careful and make sure the hair forehead doesn’t touch the glue, set the wig in the right place, and fix it. Make it adhesive strong to avoid slip from your head. Trim the hair in a style, you can also make baby hair around, so the hair looks beautiful and natural like grows from your own head. People won’t find it till then touch it.



Here is the video on how to make a wig, you can watch it as reference.


How to Wash A Wig


After you wear the wig while you need to move off it and wash it. Please make sure you use the right way to maintain it. If the way to wash isn’t correct, the hair shedding will be worse. One thing we can’t deny, the more you wear the wig, the more the hair will be shed; the less you wear the wig, the less the hair will be shed. You can’t stop shedding really, because the hair sews in on the cap. Any damage to the hair will shorten the life of your wig. When you wash your hair, it is wet, please don’t comb it hard in order to make the hair detangle and shedding less.


1. Comb the hair slightly with a wide-tooth comb to tangle-free before washing.


2. Add mild shampoo to the warm water then soak the wig into it. Please wait for a few minutes to make sure the hair absorb the nutrition in shampoo. People thought it is virgin human hair, so they can use the normal shampoo to wash it, yes, it is 100 human hair, but the hair leaves the vendor, there wasn’t nutrition provide to them, so you need choose special shampoo for wig, it can protect the hair and make the hair glossy.


3. Wash the hair gently and wash to clear up. Please don’t twist the hair which will make it split or tangle. People like twist the hair when they wash the wig, but the twist will damage the cuticle of the hair, the hair will be broken easily.


4. Apply conditioner to the warm water then soak the wig into it again. And leave it about 10 minutes or longer. Conditioner like olive oil not only provide the nutrition to the hair but also make the hair shiny and glossy.


5. Soak and wash it in freshwater, absorb the water with the tower. Using the freshwater to make sure the shampoo or conditioner on the hair clean, then absorb the water in the hair and make it dry.


6. Dry it in the natural air on the hair stand. You had better don’t use the dryer blow the hair which will damage the cuticle of the original hair. Using a hair stand can make sure the hair keep a good shape, if you dry it by others, maybe you will find there won’t have shape after washing. That’s why we say protect your hair wig carefully. Some customers always complain about their hair doesn’t have shape, when they think about the way how to use the wig, they will know the reason. No matter which wig you have, you should know how to protect it. It will make your wig last longer.

 wash a wig


Where to Buy Good Hair Weave to Sew In a Wig


there are many hair weave sellers in the market, people confuse about where to buy good human hair bundles to sew-ins. As a professional hair seller, we suggest you purchase sew in hair extensions in brand hair sellers like beauty forever hair, Unice hair, Nadula hair, African Mall hair, etc. Their main products are human hair bundles, frontal wig, closure and frontal, 3 bundles with closure, etc. If you have any requirement, please come and purchase. Brand hair has quality assurance, their customer service good, shipping is fast. Like beauty forever hair, they have warehouse in CA, all the postage from the USA, they can get it very fast.



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Above are all things you need to know about wig making with closure and bundles. Welcome share and comment about this, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, any time anywhere, we are waiting for you about your beauty.


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