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How to make straight human hair styling

Mar 20, 2023

A black straight human hair looks so nice and beautiful, but after wearing a period of time, we will want to make some changes to them, such as making some styling for our human hair, then how to do it? Here to tell you about the specific methods:

1.The nutritional water applied to the straight human hair on, and then use Multifunctional Hair Curler Brush to make the face around the hair valgus roll. Note that Hair Curler Brush as long as the curling rods placed vertically, so that the hair will be more flexible.


2.The following hair bundle to the hair from the middle grip, and then curl inward to the hair, and not easy to deal with the back hair pulled in front, so the operation will be much easier.


3.The ways of dealing with the left ear side is the same as the right.


4.Outward curl bangs of the hair, so that the end of bangs slightly upturned.


5.To do a good job on the hair styling gel spray, and hand the hair bundle from the bottom up to rub, so stereotypes blocking miles more fully into the hair, you can complete the hair.


Beauty forever Hair gives you the right hair styling methods, hoping to be useful to you! And at the same time welcome you to Beauty forever.

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