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How To Measure And Maintain Your Human Hair Wigs

Dec 9, 2022

People who buy human hair wigs want to know their wigs whether true to length or not, and how to maintain their wigs, today we will have a class of how to maintain and measure your wigs.

People who buy human hair wigs want to know their wigs whether true to length or not, and how to maintain their wigs, today we will have a class of how to maintain and measure your wigs.


There are many types of wigs in the market, by length, it has long human hair wigs and short wigs. By the type, it has lace wigs, lace front wigs, and full lace wigs. And also we have new styles like 360 lace front wigs and 370 lace front wigs.


No matter what kind of wigs you want to order, we can meet most person’s requirement. Most wigs for black women, after they get the wig they order, they are very pleased about the wig, but when they use it, they find the wig shedding and tangle, they are questioned about these issues. We can make sure our hair is 100% real human virgin hair, and the problem caused by the improper way to use the hair. If we say so, some customers will deny it, they think they use hair for many years, and they are professional in using hair. Actually, using hair for many years is not equal to professional in using human hair. As a hair professional seller, today we will give you a lesson about how to maintain your hair to keep it longer.


straight weaves

When you get the hair, you want to know what you get is true to length. We will give you the right way to check the length of your wig.

How to measure your wigs


Different styles have different measurements, mainly it has 2 ways.


For straight wave hair wigs:

Use your measure from the head spin to the longest hair at the bottom. Please keep your measure straight, if not, the length is wrong.


For wavy wave hair wigs:

We all know that wavy wave hair has many curls, tight or loose. If you want to know the length about your wavy wigs, you should stretch your hair first. Choose the longest hair, keep the measure from the head spin to the bottom.


ombre body wave



When you know the length is correct, you will think about how can you keep the wig to make it last long? What way is correct? Anyway, you don’t want to waste your money and use the hair in a short time.

How to maintain your human hair wigs

Comb your wig gentle, please don’t use regular brushes. The comb should be wide, when you comb your wig, it can pass the hair without tangle. Gentle can make sure the hair doesn’t shed, you know the hair sewing in the lace, if you use power on it, it will make the knots loose, for a long time, the hair should be shedding.

When you are sleep or sit at home, please take your wig off and put it on the stand which can keep the wig’s shape well. Some customers thought that since the hair is true human hair, so they can wear it like the real, of course, this is wrong. Wigs are sewn on your head when you fell asleep, you have no conscious at that time, it will make the hair matte. A wig just like a decoration for women, so if you don’t use it, you’d better take it off.

Using wig dedicated shampoo and conditioner when you want to wash your wig. Avoid your wig touch with seawater or hot water. Most customers thought that the hair is true human hair, so they can use common shampoo or conditioner as their own hair, actually, normal shampoo is very harsh, they will damage the hair, so does the seawater or hot water.

When your wig is wet, please don’t make any hairstyle which will ruin your wig. Dry it in the natural air on the stand. Even our own hair, if we want to make hairstyle, we should wait until the hair is dry after washing. When the hair is wet, the inner part is different from dry hair, making style should use high temperature, it will ruin the organization of the hair. A stand is necessary for the person who uses wigs. After you take off your wig, you can’t put anywhere you want, the hair is easily messed, so the better way is putting on the stand to keep the shape. After washing your wig, using the towel dry it gently.

Keep it on the stand or the wig box when you don’t use it. this is the place keep the hair dry and in good shape. If the place you put is wet, it may have lice, which is a big problem for a person.


Now you know the tips for keeping the wig long, please follow these tips. Everything should follow the rules to keep, not only save your money, but also make you keep a good mood.


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