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How To Plop Hair?

Jun 5, 2023

Quarantine days have not done much for us except help us gain weight and slouch more often. However, the one positive thing to have come out of this pandemic is the innovative and interesting methods of self-care and beauty. People have brought upon a new, remarkable trend that does wonders for our ridiculously dull hair life – Hair Plopping! Since people do not have to go anywhere and mostly sit at home, their productivity and creativity have shifted to making time and coming up with more hair care techniques and luckily, hair plopping is a winner trend this season.

What exactly is hair plopping? As silly as the name may seem, this technique is a game-changer for achieving anti-frizz hair after a good hair wash. It works best for curly and wavy hair, which makes it one of the most loved haircare trends as people are finally getting rid of their straighteners and embracing their natural waves and curls. Their biggest fear of getting a ball of frizz on their heads after washing their hair is now gone since hair plopping is magical for them. The process of hair plopping is quite simple and straightforward. It requires you to wash your hair thoroughly followed by applying a leave-in hair moisturizer or conditioner. After this, you wrap your hair gently in a square-shaped towel or t-shirt. This fastens the process of naturally drying your hair and also tames down the frizz immensely, leaving your bouncing curls or waves looking extremely beautiful.


Not only that but this technique can be used on your hair wigs as well whenever you wash them. Whatever wig you own, a real hair wig or a synthetic one, and even frontal wigs, the hair plopping method is quite useful on them as well and it makes your wigs turn out looking naturally stunning, frizz-free hair wigs. The following steps are a great guide to the hair plopping method in order to achieve gorgeous wavy or curly frizz-free hair every single time:


Step 1 – Hair Prepping


Hair prepping refers to making your hair ready so that it can be plopped and made beautiful. Firstly, it requires you to shampoo effectively and condition your hair. Damp hair is required so that you can perform the hair plopping method on them. Therefore, the technique will best show results if you do it after taking a shower and washing your hair. Your hair will be clean, nice, and ready to be plopped once you deep clean it with shampoo and a conditioner.


The next part of prepping your hair involves scrunching out all the excess water after showering from your hair. In the case of wigs, you need to gently squeeze out the water using a small micro-fiber towel so that you do not damage the hair strands at all. If you end up being too rough, you will lead to hair shaft damage which results in more frizzy hair. If you do not have a micro-fiber cloth, you can also use a soft t-shirt. Ensure not to apply pressure or rub your hair with the towel or t-shirt too forcibly but instead either swiftly squeeze it or nicely blot your hair. This works by absorbing the excess moisture and converting your dripping wet hair into damp hair, which is ideal for plopping.


The last part of hair prepping requires you to use a good leave-in conditioner or a moisturizer. Buy one locally but from a good brand that would provide ample softness and moisture to your hair. This can be applied to your natural hair or in your wigs by the use of your fingers. Circular motions of your hands are preferred so that it spreads out evenly. Also, do not use more than a small dollop of conditioner- depending on your hair length too. Apply the conditioner mostly to the shafts and ends as they are more prone to becoming dry and frizzy again compared to the roots. Next, use a hairbrush with natural bristles to remove any tangles and distribute the product all over your hair.


Step 2 – Time to Plop


Now, this is the fun part – use a large-sized t-shirt or a microfiber towel and lay it out flat in front of you. A t-shirt is softer and gentler, so it is preferred over a micro-fiber towel. Bend over while flipping your hair, or if it is a wig, place it on top of the towel gently and straighten out the hair with your fingers. On the t-shirt, lower your curly or wavy hair in the center area and let your hair fall in a piled manner but naturally. Now, take the top section of the towel or t-shirt and pull it over the back of your head so that it is completely flat on your head ensuring that the end reaches the back of your neck efficiently.


If it is a t-shirt, take both the sleeves and bring them together to the back of the head and tie a simple knot there. In the case of a towel, bring back its two ends and tightly twist them together. While you have one single ending now with either the towel or the t-shirt, keep twisting and bring it up to the crown of your head. In the end, make sure to tick in any stray endings that may have fallen out. The final outlook should be that of a turban on your head. It works the same way as real hair wigs.


Step 3 – Leaving it on for a while


Now, this step does not require you to do anything except leave your hair plopped up till they have dried fully. You can either leave it for 2 to 6 hours or you could leave it on overnight while you sleep. Make sure the knots do not come in the way of your sleeping position so that they do not end up hurting you. Let the technique do its magic overnight.


Step 4 – Remove the towel or t-shirt


The last step is honestly the most exciting one since it requires you to reveal the most awaited results. As your hair must be completely dry by now, gently untie your knot or untwist your towel and remove it. With the use of your fingers, carefully separate your hair. Your hair will not be fresh and bouncy, looking as beautiful as ever.


The hair plopping technique has taken the curly and wavy-haired human community by storm. Hair plopping is simple, effective, and the easiest method of achieving naturally bouncy and radiant curls, without the use of any heat or damaging tools. It also gives your wigs a stunning wavy or curly look that is bound to turn all the eyes on you, wherever you may go. 

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