let us talk about the ways of protecting the scalp when wearing human hair weave:


When wearing human hair weave,because the head is like wearing a thick top hat, so that the scalp fever, and heat is a catalyst that can accelerate the metabolism of the scalp.Therefore, the scalp is easy to sweat, and secrete more oil, become more greasy. People who have an increasing tendency to dandruff, human hair weave will promote this phenomenon.So when wearing a human hair weave, the best wash once every 2-3 days head, remove the head of greasy, dirt, to protect the scalp, hair clean and sanitary.


In addition,virgin human hair weave is generally every 3 to 7 days to clean once. Before washing, first use coarse tooth soft brush or comb tooth comb lightly from top to bottom, the dirt, dust, scrub clean.Then hair weave into the detergent dissolved in warm water (water temperature of 25 to 30 degrees), soak for 10 minutes after the hand gently rinse, rinse comb can be used to comb the hair weave on the adhesive. Note that thousands of human hair can not be rubbed in the water, so as not to hair off and break. Finally, the water will the hair rinse, dry gently with a dry towel.This also protects our scalp.


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