Do you want to be your own boss? Free time and free financial. Do you worry about which project should you do? Almost every woman likes to use wigs, do you find the hair business market? If you know about hair and want to do hair business, let us tell you how to start a hair business.


Recently, e-commercial developed fast, it is easy for a person to do hair business online. The online business saves the time of shopping, and provide more products to the customers, so the customers have more choice to choose their favorite products. If you have a platform online, it is easy for you to start your hair business. You can load hair items on your website, operate your store. Then customers like the human hair you provide, they place an order, and then money earned in your pocket. It is easy, right, but first, you need to find a stable and reliable vendor to start your hair business. If you want to find a good hair vendor, you should set a goal for your website first. There are many hair products in the market: human hair bundles, lace closure, lace frontal, and wigs. Do you familiar with these products? Let’s give you details about it.


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What is human hair bundles?

Human hair bundles also called “ human hair weft”, which used on the hair install or sew in a wig. To save time, people buy the hair weft, and according to their requirement sew in their cap. Most hair wefts are double machine wefts, so it is tight and not easy shedding. Usually, people buy 3 bundles or 4bundles for a full head. There are many textures of hair: Brazilian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair, and Indian virgin hair. These 4 are the most popular hair texture in the market. But by the style, you will find curly hair, body wave hair, straight wave hair, deep wave human hair, loose wave hair, natural wave hair. You can load the most popular hairstyle which will sell well.

What are lace closure and lace frontal?

By the lace color, there are light brown lace and transparent lace. By the size of lace, you will know as 4×4 lace closure, 5×5 lace closure, 13*4 lace frontal, and 13*6 lace frontal. Their function is to make your wig natural and real. Lace closure and lace frontal is a necessary part of sewing a wig. So people buy hair bundles always match with a lace closure or a lace frontal.

What is a wig?

There are many types of wigs: lace wigs, full lace wigs, lace front wigs, 360 lace front wigs, and 370 lace front wigs. In all, they are the wig for your head, but they are different. By the technique of processing, you will see machine-made, half-hand made, and hand made. Of course, hand made is most expensive, but the feeling is better than others and more natural. All the wigs have a strap to adjust the length of the cap in order to make the wig fit for more person. The density is also needed to think about. In the market, there mainly have 3 kinds: 130% density, 150% density, and 180% density. The higher the means the thicker. But it doesn’t mean the thicker the better. Such as, you want a thin wig in summer in order to keep cool and beauty.


Knowing about the details of human hair, then confirm the most popular hair selling in the market, cause these products can bring the traffic by themselves. If you want to do hair business, you can contact us to know more details.


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