This tutorial about styling hair weave. After installing a sew in weave, you can straighten or curled the hair with a flat iron as you like.

People buy beauty forever hair weaves to make wigs after they wear a period of time, they would like to change a hairstyle cause they don’t want to waste money for the hair weaves they buy for the high cost. They care about how to perm their hair weaves, we will tell you some tips about how to style your weave. I definitely hope that this can help you with what you do with hair after you install a weave.

How to curl your straight hair?

curly hair weaves

When you wear your curly hair for a long time, you want to change a style to others, this is the fast way to change your new appearance to others.


First, you need to prepare the tools you should use in styling the hair-flat iron and spray. Here, we don’t recommend any brands, cause beauty forever hair customer from the whole world, different country has different brands, you can go to a local salon or your hairdresser, they will give you suggestion about this. Let’s talk about it step by step.


1.Using heat protectant spray or some bio silk which of shine and luster more on the straightening.


2. Make sure your hair weave is dry before you use a curling iron.


3. Using your finger through your hair weaves, grabbing, combing it.


4. Trimming your baby hair in the shape you like, be careful and don’t waste the hair.


5. Dividing the hair into a different area which is easy to make style.

Layer your weaves and parting the hairline frame on your face.


6. Setting your curling iron at a proper temperature.

Normally the temperature range from 160℃ to 200℃ which depends on the quality of the hair, if your weave perm for many times, it is more easy to damage, so you can choose the low temperature. If your hair weave is natural virgin hair, you just purchase it, you can choose the high temperature. Don’t touch the heat section to avoid scalding.


7. Curling big or small curl depends on you.


After you use the flat curl it, wrapping it by your finger, using a pin to keep a curly shape. After you complete the whole head, you can use a wide comb on your hair, and a small comb on your baby hair.


8. Spraying the curls. After making curls, you should use some pray to keep the shape.


How to straighten your curly hair? 

straight weaves


When you use a curly hair weaves, it has already processed before you sew in wigs. So when you deal with it, you need to take more attention to it. Cause the hair is tiny and fragile, any in-proper way will damage your hair weaves. Most ways are the same as how to curl your straight hair. But you should pay attention to:


1.Using the straight iron. Some people said they can use flat iron do the curl, but for the beginners, we suggest you choose the flat iron, you can set the mode for straightening.


2. Combing your hair weaves with a wide tooth comb.


3. Setting your iron temperature at a low degree like 160℃. cause the curly has processed one more time, the high temperature will burn the hair.


4. Spraying some nutrition oil like olive oil to make sure the hair shiny and glossy. Avoid the hair dry and matte, split.


If you don’t feel confident to do hairstyle on your own weave, please ask a hairdresser to do it for you. Normally we won’t suggest you do it, cause the hair weaves leaving the hair vendors, it has no nutrition, every processing will ruin your hair texture, shorten the life of the hair. We suggest you purchase the straight wave hair bundles or wigs after you install it, you can change another style, but for curly hair, we don’t suggest you change the style, the hair will be very dry. Everything has its life, no exception about the hair weaves, don’t use one hair for all kinds of hairstyles, you can purchase many styles and change it easily. Beauty Forever hair company is factory supplier directly, we have a competitive price, even in retail, if you want to do wholesale business please click here wholesale page


Thanks for your concerning about how to perm your hair weaves. Beauty forever hair company hopes you can use the hair as long as possible no matter how did you use the hair. Please style your hair in a correct way or by your stylist. We hope you like your sincere beauty friend - beauty forever hair company.