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How To Take Care Of Your Hair Weaves

Apr 1, 2023

People like to wear wigs for black women, they buy different hair bundles sew in wigs. When they first made it, it looks nice and good. But after using a period, they found the hair dry, matte, tangle. The sellers will be questioned, they sell fake hair to me. Actually, it is wrong. Because you use the wrong way to take care of your hair weaves.

Hair care is the most important for wearing wigs. Because you don’t know how to maintain your hair weaves, we will tell you how to make the maintenance of your lovely hair.

People know hair weaves leave the person who has it, it loses nutrition, water, etc. So you should try your best to care for your hair.

As followings, we will introduce some ways about hair care.

1. Clean your hair every 2 weeks

Whether your weave is made of human, synthetic, or virgin hair, general care is the same. Shampooing every 7 to 14 days and regularly deep-conditioning will keep your weave clean and shiny. Always dry it completely and take steps to protect both your weave and scalp. If your weave is curly, it’s better to wash it at least once a week in order to maintain the curl pattern. Normally, you might want to wash your hair a few times a week. However, the lengthy time it takes to wash hair with a weave in makes it impractical to do more than once a week, and a weave may be damaged with excessive cleaning.

Washing your hair every other week should be sufficient, but ask your stylist for advice if you feel like you need a wash more or less often.


2. Get any existing tangles out of your hair

Using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, get any snags out of your hair. Hair weaves can be notorious when it comes to tangling, so delicately smoothing it out is necessary for proper cleaning. Start by gently working out the tangles at the ends of your hair, and slowly work your way up to the roots.


a. Be very delicate and meticulous; natural hair is very easy to untangle compared to a weave, and any extra force runs the risk of permanently damaging the fixture.

b. Avoid combing your weave while it is wet, since this may cause damage.

c. Wide-toothed combs are your best bet for detangling a weave. If you have any major knots, try to work the knot out with your fingers before gently combing through the hair with your comb.


3. Give your hair a warm rinse. 

Pouring warm water on your head and parting your hair from the center will make it easy to identify the wefts (individual parts of the weave) in your hair. That way, you'll have an easier time trying to figure out which parts of your head you should be focusing on the most.


4. Give your hair some shampoo.

Weaves tend to need more attention and meticulous care than your natural hair, as they're not being regularly supplied with the same oils from your scalp. Rub some of your favorite shampoos into your scalp; so, you can gradually tease the weave with the shampoo, stroking it downward. Make sure not to use the traditional circular rubbing method with your weave, as it will encourage tangling. The way you touch the hair should go from root to tip. Be patient and gentle to your hair weaves.


5. Add some deep-conditioner to your hair weaves, after using the shampoo. 

That’s a good chance for you to use conditioner following shampoo; because your hair’s natural oils don’t easily work their way down your extensions, however, conditioner becomes that much more important. Start from the top of your weave and work it downwards. Avoid putting conditioner on your natural roots. Because an excess of conditioner can result in tangling, it's recommended you find a leave-in conditioner for this purpose.


6. Spray your hair lightly with an anti-bacterial, spray while it's drying

Many people who use hair weaves have complained of a smell that comes after it's been wet for too long. This is usually caused by a build-up of mold or bacteria. Buy a relatively inexpensive anti-bacterial hair spray ( Different area has different brands, if you don’t know which brand to choose, you can inquire your hairdresser) and give your hair a spritz while you're waiting for it to dry.


7. Dry your hair weaves lightly. 

Making sure to dry your hair complete is very important when you're using a weave. Otherwise, a weave left wet runs the risk of acquiring shape, which will leave your hair smelling far worse than before. At the same time, you want to dry it lightly enough that you don't run the risk of causing heat damage. There are a few ways to do this: Sitting in front of an oscillating fan and letting the air do its work is time-consuming, but it's ultimately the safest way to dry your sew-in weave and natural hair. Hair dryers come with the risk of heat damage, but hooded dryers can alleviate some of the cons. Start with the ends and work your way up to the scalp.  Using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer can also reduce heat damage and allow you to dry your hair more gently.


Normally, for straight wave and body wave, the way of hair care is almost the same. For the deep wave, loose wave, curly wave, these special styles, you need care it more, cause the style is easily disappeared after washing, cause this is unprocessed hair, if you want to keep the hair a good shape, you need to take more effort. Like, use some spray, tools to make it feel good. 


Please read this tutorial carefully to make sure your hair keeps a good shape shiny and long life. If you have any questions about hair care, please send email bf@beautyforever.com to us or phone us (626)248-7420, welcome you leave a message and comment about this, if you have any suggestions, you can also discuss with us. Thanks for your visiting beauty forever hair knowledge class. Please keep concern more brilliant ideas here.

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