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How To Take Care Of Your Scalp?

While your natural hair is tucked away, scalp care when wearing a wig can easily be forgotten. Scalp is the ground of our hair that provides nutrition and keeps blood circulation to simulate the growth of hair. It is probably the most critical factor to consider. Some useful tips are written down to help you know how to take care of scalp.

Wigs are daily necessities in our life. They render our decision of hairstyle change effortless and friction-free. Human hair wigs are welcomed by most people because they are made of human hair, having the same hair texture, so that bring us the real look. Available wigs help us change our appearance, cover the problem of hair loss, and we can even rock a new look every day. But when your natural hair is tucked away, scalp care when wearing a wig can easily be forgotten.


The importance of scalp care when wearing a wig


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Scalp is the ground of our hair that provides nutrition and keeps blood circulation to simulate the growth of hair. It is probably the most critical factor to consider. When rocking hairstyles, it is necessary to take out the time to ensure your scalp is getting the attention. Scalp deserves, because hair’s health literally depends on it. It is the soil of hair and any tiny change of the environment will give rise to huge, even severe damage to scalp beyond redemption.
When we wear a wig, we normally tie hair up, make braids or fix the hair with a hair cap or by clips to create a plat surface as much as possible. No matter what steps do we take, the scalp is covered under think hair or cloth, and just has little space to breath and convey oxygen to natural hair. With long time covering, sweat soak the scalp, smell odor exude, and bacteria generate thereupon. Finally, hair loss happens or be more severe.
To pursue beauty and perk up our confidence, we determine to wear wigs. However, ignoring to take care of the scalp cause hair loss and make the hair condition worse. We have to cover the head with wigs, again, then a vicious circle creates. That is not a good choice we desired.


What cause the damage to scalp?


1. Too much cover

Plants need water, sun, and air to breath, so do the scalp. Oxygen in the air is the indispensable part of blood circulation, which link to vitality of scalp and hair directly. Leave out an enough space on the scalp is crucial, but hard to achieve. Even though you wear wigs without adding an extra hair cap, natural hair, the wig cap and wig’s hair pile layer by layer and block the air like a wall. Lack of oxygen constricts blood circulation, which makes a bad effect of scalp heath, leads to hair dullness, loss, and exfoliation in the end.


2. Skin oil accumulation


Oil secrete daytime during hours when wearing wigs. We enjoy the beautiful appearance of various hairstyles and colors but ignore the consistent accumulation of oil, which clogs pores and destroys hair roots, even kills hair. Unfortunately, although we already know that, it is hard for us to solve oil problems.

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3. Strong pull


To style a perfect smooth hair surface for the convenient installation of wigs, dragging hair can not be absolutely avoided. But too tight hair binding play harmful role on scalp maintenance. Drag your hair strongly may cause hair breakage, scalp blood stasis. So, it is advisable to avoid any unnecessary hair pull and strong hair pull.


How to take care of your scalp?


A healthy scalp is important for hair growth because it is truly where healthy hair starts. A clean and healthy scalp provides the ideal environment for hair growth. There are tips that help your hair stick to its normal growth cycle.


1. Protective hairstyles




Compared with the action that stuff hair into wig cap, protective hairstyle is a better option for wig installation. A protective style is a low maintenance hairstyle that promotes hair growth due to the absence of hair manipulation that can lead to breakage. Protective hairstyles, like braids, knots and twists, promise and shield hair from damage and loss.
Whether box braids, Faux Fishtail Braid, Cornrows With a Faux Pony or Wavy Bantu Knots, there are always some hair crack appears and provides the space for air and scalp to breath.


2. Clarify scalp oil

Using a clarifying shampoo to break down any dirt, oil, and product build-up in the scalp before starting the hairstyling process. Regular cleaning to remove annoying sense of tickle and dirty particle on the scalp. You can move onto a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, which will lock in some hydration before hair braiding when your scalp is clarified. Conditioner works to complement moisture, comfort the scalp and stay cool.
To repair dull and damaged hair, add a lightweight oil to the scalp to combat dryness and flakiness. A great option is jojoba oil, which studies show mimics the natural sebum found in the scalp.


3. Style your hair as gentle as possible


As I mentioned above, strong and unnecessary pull hurt the scalp and hair roots very much. Please pay attention to your action when styling hair. Try your best to make hairstyle as gentle as possible. And remember, do not scratch the scalp hard when having a tickle.

While wearing fashionable and pretty wigs, please do not forget to take care of your scalp, which links the health of your hair. If you are a new beginner of wigs and have no idea of scalp protection, I hope this article could arouse awareness of scalp care. Read tips above and be kind of your scalp! If you still have something confused, please contact us. We are here waiting for you!

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