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How To Wash Lace Frontal Wigs Pre Plucked?

Wigs are our good friend to help natural hair get rid of environmental elements, such as dust, dirt, and sunlight, which may lead to dirty hair and hair damage, and elevate our hairstyles and appearance. Lace frontal wigs pre plucked are the friction-free choice for most people because they are natural, breathable, and secure.

Lace frontal wigs pre plucked protect our own hair from unnecessary friction outside and keep hair healthy and glossy. Meanwhile, pre-plucked wigs provide a perfectly natural hairline so that do not need women to restyle themselves.

As a shield of natural hair, paying more attention to wigs maintenance prolongs their lifespan and keeps hair healthy and radiant. No matter whether you wear human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, knowing how to wash lace frontal wigs properly is significant. And today, let us figure out the key points of them together.

How can you wash the wig cap and lace?

Everyone knows how to wash their hair greatly without hair damage since we have done it for so many years. But, wig beginners, just start learning how to take care of wigs and still have something confusing about wigs. For example, should people wash wig caps and lace parts as same as they wash human hair? Is it okay to rub lace parts to cleanse dirty materials?

To the first question, the answer is yes! You can wash wig caps and lace parts as same as washing natural hair, and apply shampoos and conditioners.

And please remember: there is no need to turn over lace frontal wigs pre plucked over to exposure wig caps and lace, then wash them. Just wash the hair side. Water and shampoos will naturally penetrate and soak the whole wig and clean it completely.

In addition, our natural hair and wig tapes that apply before installing wigs isolate oil secreted by the scalp so that keeps the surface of wig caps and lace parts clear relatively. General washing processes are good enough for these two parts, no special cleaning is required in this condition.

To the second question, it is not recommended to rub wig caps and lace to avoid possible breakage and damage caused by a strong force.

How to wash lace frontal wigs pre plucked properly?

1. Untangle hair

Before washing wigs, an important preparation is to brush hair until it is smooth. Tangled and wet hair is the culprit to breakage.

2. Wet the whole wig

It is better to remove the wig from your head, than wet it. Although the glue you applied is waterproof, wigs can still fall off due to the high temperature of the water.

Wet hair before you add the shampoo.

It is okay to use warm water but not at too high a temperature. If you have gorgeous colored wigs, high temperatures of water speed up color fade.

3. Apply shampoo

Put enough shampoo on there to cover the wig. Moisturized shampoos are advised to stay moist. 

Wash your wigs in a downward motion. This way helps to prevent tangling and things like that because you really just don't want to get your wig tangled especially when it's wet. 

4. rinse the shampoo out

Rinse hair several times to make sure there are no remains and totally clean.

5. Squeeze excessive water

Once you have finished rinsing the wig it is great to squeeze out all of the excess water before using conditioner.

This step seems unnecessary but crucial. The conditioner will follow the water running down the ends of your hair if it is full of water. Getting rid of excessive water help to condition hair greatly.

6. Apply hair conditioner

Apply moderate conditioner on your hair for your wigs to be nice, soft, and silky. 

Then, let it sit for about 10 minutes before you rinse it out to fully absorb.

Rest out the conditioner using the same downward motion that you use when rinsing out the shampoos to help prevent tangling.

7. Rinse and dry hair

Rinse the conditioner adhered to wigs the same as you do the fourth step.

Then, let us go to dry your hair. Lay down a towel and use this towel to help bring any more water out of the hair so that help dries faster.

Roll the wig up into the towel and it works better if you have two people rolling in the opposite direction. And it is nice to do it yourself, just go in spiral motions and then lay it out flat.

8. Dry your hair with air

Get a wig head to put the wig on so it can dry for the night. Dry hair by air rather than by heat tools. Trust me, put the wig head indoors overnight, it will definitely dry no matter in summer or winter.

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