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How to Wear a Wig With Long Hair?

If you're not sure how to wear wigs properly, especially if you have long hair. This tutorial will show you how to hide your long hair correctly and perfectly so that you can wear a beautiful wig!

Wigs grow in popularity and even begin to become a fashion accessory and item. Are you tempted to try a wig, but you're not sure how to wear wigs properly, especially if you have long hair? This tutorial will show you how to hide your long hair correctly and perfectly so that you can wear a beautiful wig!


Tools for long hair before wearing a wig:

Comb, bobby pins, hair tie, wig cap


How to wear a wig with long hair?


Step 1: Braid your long hair

Divide your long hair into 2 or 4 sections, depending on how thick your hair is. If your hair is not very thick, 2 sections should be enough. If you have thick hair, divide it evenly into 4 sections. After dividing the sections, tie each section loosely with a hair tie.

Braid each section. Starting at the base of the scalp, braid each share of hair into 3 sections, left, center, and right. Put the right side in the middle to make the middle part. Put the left side in the middle, and make it the middle part. Continue alternating back and forth until you have braided your hair. Secure it with a small hair tie.


Step 2: Swirl and tuck braids

Take the first braid and place it under the opposite braid, then wrap it up in front of your head. Secure the braid a few inches from the top of your head or you can tie the braid anywhere you want. Hold the front braid in place with bobby pins.

Wrap the other braids around your head. Wrap the other braid from the back in the opposite direction and place it under the first braid. Hold it in place with bobby pins, just like the first braid, wrapping the front. If you have 4 braids, wrap the other braids in place and secure them.


Step 3: Put the wig cap over your hair

Starting at the back of the head, lengthen the opening of the wig cap and cover it from the back of the head to the front. Make sure the hair inside the wig cap and sideburns stay in place. Don't forget to align your hairline with the garter or elastic side of the wig cap. If it is a mesh wig cap, start at the bottom and pull the mesh cap over the top of your head to keep your hair together. Make sure your hairline lines up with the garter on the wig cap. If any bits of hair fall out of the side, tie the hair back under the cap.

Insert bobby pins around the edges of the wig cap to secure it. To prevent the wig cap from slipping off, you can secure the wig cap to your hair by inserting bobby pins under the edge of the cap. Insert any number of pins into the hat, using at least 1 or 2 individual stitches in the front and back of your head. If you have thick hair, you'll need more bobby pins than someone with thinning hair.


Step 4: Put on the wig

Stretch the wig over your head. Use your fingers to stretch out the elastic band around the edge of the wig. Pull it on over your head. There are some clips as well as a band on the inside of the wig. You can make it tighter just depending on your head. Take the back of the wig and just put it on. Holding the front down, then you can start to pull it back toward the back of your head. Make sure not to pull too tight!

You can also use glue to secure the edge of the wig. Start by attaching the wig at the hairline in the front middle of the forehead. Gently press the edge of the wig down against the glued skin, working around the hairline until it is attached around the entire hairline.


All the steps are done, follow the above, and you can wear a wig perfectly with long hair!

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