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Human Hair Wigs VS Bundles, Which One To Choose?

There are two main human hair products on the market: human hair wigs and human hair bundles. Which one is better? Which one should choose? Here we are going to talk about the differences between human hair wigs and hair bundles and how to choose the one that suits you better!

There are two main human hair products on the market:  human hair wigs and human hair bundles. Which one is better? Which one should choose? Perhaps a lot of people who are just beginning to wear human hair products have some questions. Here we are going to talk about the differences between human hair wigs and hair bundles and how to choose the one that suits you better!


Human Hair Wigs

There are infinite styles and looks of human hair wigs, you can change a new look just in a few minutes. You can wear a straight one to make an impression that you are professional at work in a workday, and if you need to take part in a super party on Friday night, you can change a curly or some other dramatic style in a bright color.

Wearing a human hair wig can save a lot of money in getting a professional hair weave installed. We all know that human hair weave takes a lot of time and money to install if you can not install them by yourself, you need to go to a professional hair salon to do it. But with a human hair wig, you can wear or put it off in any place and any time you want, you absolutely can take it off when you sleep to make sure your head is more comfortable.

Most importantly, human hair wigs can last a really long time if you take care of them in a proper way. If you only have one human hair wig but want to change your hairstyle once in a while,  doesn’t matter, you can also change your look by restyling your human hair wig, curling or straightening it, and virgin human hair material can be dyed and bleached only cause minor damage, you can style your human hair wig freely as you like.


Human Hair Bundles

The human hair bundles are made of virgin human hair, too. Wearing human hair weaves can protect your natural hair and give it a break from the heat, especially when you work out a lot. You can maintain your natural hair underneath and allow your scalp to breathe.

There are many options when you wear a human hair weave. You can choose the density and length according to your preferences. You can choose to cover a full head with 3 or 4 bundles or you can just increase the density of your hair but not cover your head scalp with closure, to make it looks much more natural.

The most important in my opinion is that human hair bundles are easy to care for and maintain. You can treat them just like your own hair, wash, dye, and curl are all allowed as your natural hair.


Human Hair Wigs VS Bundles, What Are Differences?

Human hair wigs and hair bundles both can change women’s hairstyle easily, but it also has differences between them.

The biggest difference between the human hair wig and bundles is the portion of the head covered. Wigs can cover a woman’s full scalp but hair bundles only cover a portion of the scalp. There are also differences in care methods between human hair wigs and hair bundles, you can wash your human hair weave as your natural hair, and don’t need to put it off. But when you want to wash your human hair wig, you’d better take it off to avoid tearing or affecting the lifespan of the wig.


Human Hair Wigs VS Bundles, Which One To Choose?

Choose human hair wigs or bundles that relate to your preferences, needs, and objective conditions.

If you have severe hair loss problems, or your hair is particularly short, thin, or bald, the human hair wig is the best choice.

If you do not want to spend a long time wearing and installing the human hair bundles, human hair wig is also a good choice, you can change your look quickly and freely with no damage with human hair wigs, come on!! Wearing wigs can change hairstyles quickly and easily.

But if you have long hair already and just want your hair thicker, or you don’t have enough time and energy on caring for your wigs, human hair bundles are a good choice. Hair bundles can have the effect of increasing your hair volume. You just need to spend some time wearing it and no special preservation is needed afterward. Human hair bundles are very suitable for a lazy one.

One important factor that affects your choice is the price, if you don’t have enough budget right now, the human hair bundles themselves are cheaper than wigs, if you can install hair weaves by yourself, human hair bundles installed by yourself are cost-effective; but if you can not install human hair weaves and need to go for a professional hairstylist that takes a lot of money, then a human hair wig is a better choice for you.


Are you looking for the best 100% human hair wigs and human hair bundles? Beautyforever offers the best 100% virgin human hair wigs and bundles in all kinds of colors, styles, and lengths suitable and adorable. You can achieve pretty much any look you want here. Beautyforever supports afterpay payment, you can buy now and pay later here without any interest! , What are you waiting for, join us and you will find beauty! 

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