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Human Hair Wigs Vs Weave Hair: Which One Is Better For You?

When it comes to human hair, there are two most popularly known options: weave hair and human hair wigs. These two types of human hair have plenty of benefits. They can conceal hair loss, enhance your beauty, and they also offer great convenience which many people look for when choosing a hairstyle.

But when it comes to these two, choosing either of them can be quite difficult, especially if you are trying them for the first time. But lets just say, choosing either of these two types of wigs is a matter of preference, the condition of your hair, and your lifestyle.


Generally, human hair wigs and weave hair are similar, but they serve different purposes. This is why shoppers need to learn the difference between them to help them make a more informed decision on which one to choose for a natural and comfortable style.


With that said, lets explore some of the essential things you need to know about each of them.


Human Hair Wigs


A wig is a head covering made from human hair. It has a cap with hair attached. Wigs are perfect for ladies who are experiencing hair loss since they cover the entire head. A wig can be worn and removed daily, giving you the opportunity to experiment with various styles, colors, lengths, and cap constructions.


Wigs have increasingly become popular over recent years. This is due to their incredible benefits. They are also available in different shapes, sizes, styles, and textures.


 best human haie wigs curly hair


Weave Hair


A weave is a hair extension that is made from human hair. They are then fixed or attached to the hair by either gluing them into the hair, sewing them onto a braided hair. A weave can be sewn in for up to two months, but it should be sewn in or removed by a professional hairdresser. Weaves are perfect for women who want to give their hair a break from heat damage or weather.


Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between a wig and a weave, lets see some of the pros and cons of each one.


 body wave human weave hair


The Pros Of Human Hair Wigs


1. Give a natural appearance


One of the best things about wigs, especially human hair wigs is that they give a natural look. Human hair wigs look so real that it is almost impossible to differentiate them from your natural hair. If you want to make the wig look more real, you need to choose a wig color that is almost the same as your natural hair.


2. Style versatility


Wigs are quite versatile. Remember that they are just like your natural hair. That means you can heat, dry, or permit according to your mood or preference. On top of that, you can decide to wear it curly today by curling it, and then wear it straight tomorrow to make it look different. It is all up to you to choose which style you want.


3. Hair quality


Human hair wigs are typically made with high-quality human hair. These wigs are a collection of healthy strands. Human hair wig manufacturers also ensure that they follow proper procedures and smart mechanisms to make these kinds of wigs. So if you are looking for high-quality hair, human hair wigs should be your ideal option.


4. Durability and value for your money


It is no secret that human hair wigs cost more than synthetic wigs. Thats because they are durable, therefore, offering a high value for your money. Normally, wigs, especially human hair wigs can last up to two years if they are taken well care of and stored properly.


5. Breathability


Your scalp needs to breathe even if you are wearing a wig. But if you are wearing a wig that doesnt allow for breathability, you will feel very uncomfortable. It can be frustrating if you are in a room with poor ventilation. A good wig should not only look great but should also provide comfort. Human wigs generally provide higher breathability compared to synthetic weaves. If you wear them, you wont sweat too much or feel uncomfortable.


6. You can customize your wig for a better fit


Wigs, especially human hair wigs can be easily customized to suit the wearers needs. This can be achieved by tightening or loosening the straps on the caps to allow the wig to fit perfectly.


7. Wigs protect your natural hair


Human hair wigs can help protect your natural hair. If you want to give your natural hair a break from heat damage, weather, or other hairstyles that can damage it, you may consider installing a high-quality human hair wig. That means you will be able to maintain your hairs thickness from the top to the bottom.


8. Ease of maintenance


A human hair wig is just like your natural hair since it is made with human hair. That means you can care for your human hair wig the same way you would take care of your natural hair. You can wash it and shampoo it and even heat it.


Cons Of Human Hair Wigs


As much as human hair wigs have plenty of advantages, they also have a few downsides. Here are some of the cons of wigs.


* It has to be removed and reinstalled daily, which can be quite hectic, especially for women with a tight schedule.


* Some wigs may be uncomfortable. But if you feel that your wig is hot and uncomfortable, you can opt for a headband wig or HD lace wigs since they allow for ventilation.


* Wigs, especially human hair wigs are expensive



headband wigs
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The Pros Of Weave Hair


Here are some of the pros of weaves


Just like wigs, weaves also give you the option to experiment with different styles, lengths, and colors. Properly sewn-in weave can last for up to ten months, which means you wont have to spend money styling it more often.


* They are more secure since they are sewn onto your hair or attached to your individual hair strands.


* Human hair weaves are more natural


* They can add length and volume to your hair, and you can control the wig density you want.


* They are cheaper compared to human hair wigs


* You dont have to worry about reinstalling your weave because once it is sewn-in, it can last a long time.


Cons Of Weave Hair


* Weaves can promote hair loss, especially if the braids are too tight


* It can be costly to sew-in and maintain weaves


* Weaves can tangle easily


* If not installed properly, weaves can look unnatural


* Weaves are also not ideal for people who are active or go to the gym a lot since they dont react well with sweat, which can make them produce an unpleasant smell.


* You will have to wash your braided hair and weave weekly or every other week to get rid of oil or dirt build-up.



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 Similarities between human hair wigs and weave hair?


* Both human hair wig and human hair weave allow you to try out other hairstyles without necessarily having to cut down your natural hair.


* They both can protect your scalp and natural hair


* Hair from both human hair wigs and human wigs are collected from peoples heads.


* Both of them can last longer if maintained properly.


* Both of these extensions can enhance your beauty


* You can choose the hair texture of your choice when it comes to this two human hair


The differences between human hair wigs and human hair weave


* Installation of both the hair extension is different


* Human hair wigs have a lace base on the bottom of the wig, the lace is glued to your hair. On the other hand, a human hair weave is sewn onto your hair directly. The hair is braided first. Installing a wig saves time compared to sewing-in a weave, which may take some time.


* The cost of these two hair extensions is quite different


* The price of human hair wig is generally higher compared to the price of a human hair weave.




The decision of whether to choose a wig or weave depends on your personal taste and the condition of your hair. For instance, weaves can help you achieve your hair length, volume, and realistic look, while wigs, on the other hand, are much better for hair conditions, such as hair loss, thin, or damaged hair.


If you are the type of person who cant stay with one hairstyle for a long time, human hair wigs may be your ideal option.  Wigs can also blend well with your natural hair, especially if you choose the right color. So the decision to choose human hair wigs or weave hair is dependent on your needs. Choose the type of hair that suits your needs and requirements.

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