Lace closure has become a must-have hair products for every female who care about their hair. Beautyforever hair's Invisable Lace closure is not only used by women with natural hair(Un-permed or not dye hair) and scanty or reseeding front hair-lines, it can be used by every women. 

Lace closures are special hair products that individual hair strands are tied onto a lace wig. There are vairous sized of hair closures, most commonly three inches wide by four inches deep. The use of lace hair closure is to allow the wearer to have a full sew in (or wig) with none of their hair left out but still have the flexibility of being able to wear a part with the appearance of scalp showing.

Something you should know about invisible lace hair closures

1. You have to remember that lace closures are not frontals; however, a frontal can be considered a closure. A lace frontal is a hairpiece with an ear-to-ear coverage area intended to mimic one’s own hairline.

2. The first thing to remember when choosing a closure is to know that all closures are not made equal. They are of different sizes. We recommend lace based closures because they lay flatter and are more breathable.

3. Closures are limited to the crown in terms of coverage area. Though the back of a frontal can be sewn or clipped-in with ease, the best and suggested application method for the hairline of a frontal is bonding. Liquid or tape adhesive is applied sparingly to the thin transparent lace mesh around the frontal & secured directly in front of the edge of the natural hairline. Swiss lace frontal pieces are practically invisible when applied correctly.

4. A common mistake that women with little hair make is using glue for their closures instead of sewing it in. This is bad and could lead to hair loss. It is advisable the closures are sewn and not glued to avoid loss of hairline and destruction of closure.

5. Those who are very familiar with wearing weaves know that the most important part of it all is to make sure the area at the front hairline & crown area is well blended.

6. Many who wear sew-in or bonded weaves use the lace closures to cover the top area of the head where the weft hair (track hair or weaving hair) is bonded/sewn down. Closures are used to cover the area that is known to many as the “horseshoe” and can be worn as a protective style to avoid leaving any hair out with a full head of weave.

7. You can apply closures with weaving thread or with liquid/tape adhesives. No one will ever know it’s not your natural hair growing out of your scalp.

8. Next, you should be sure that after picking the right material for your closure, it is tinted to match your scalp. Tinting your closure ensures that once applied to your head, you can properly part, pull back, twist, and style the hair any direction you desire.

9. Always ensure a skilled professional installs the closure for best results.