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Is Salt Water Good for Your Hair?

Many people want to know:” is salt water good or bad for my hair?” “Can I wash my hair with salt water?” in this article, we will answer all your regards about salt water!

Many people want to know:” is salt water good or bad for my hair?” “Can I wash my hair with salt water?” “If I go swimming in summer, will the seawater damage my hair?” in this article, we will answer all your regards about salt water! Keep reading to figure them out!



Is salt water good for your hair?

Benefits of salt water for hair

Damages of salt water to hair

How to use salt water on your hair properly?


Is salt water good for your hair?

The answer is that salt water is both good and bad for your hair! So saltwater is a double-edged sword. Many people firmly believe that saline has a positive effect on the skin and hair, especially the scalp. Salt water is rich in vitamins and minerals, which have the potential to nourish the scalp and hair as long as it is immersed in the sea. In addition, sea salt exfoliates naturally, which may help promote scalp cleansing. For oily or greasy scalps, salt water helps remove excess oil, is a "natural shampoo" and helps promote stronger and healthier hair growth. But when hair is overexposed to salt water, it can also dry out hair, just as it can dry out the skin. 

So let me find out what are the benefits and drawbacks of salt water for your hair! (Seawater affects your hair in much the same way that salt water does. )


Benefits of salt water for hair:

Add volume and fullness of hair

The salt crystals in the salt water make your hair plump, fluffy, and full, relieving irritated, dry, and flaky scalps.


Replenish your hair and scalp with natural nutrients and minerals

Salt water contains vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and selenium. All of this helps keep your hair healthy, and salt water also removes elements like mercury that can be harmful to your hair.


Eco-friendly exfoliator for your hair

In addition to stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, salt water is an excellent eco-friendly exfoliator. As a result, hair follicles get more nutrients, which leads to healthier hair.



Salt has anti-fungal properties and helps get rid of dandruff caused by fungi by reducing moisture.


Damages of salt water to hair:

Hair can become dehydrated, dry, and fragile

Since salt water is high in salt, the salt sucks the moisture out of the hair and scalp. Salt water also has a cleansing effect and reduces the natural oils in the scalp. Stripped of natural oils and moisture, hair becomes dry and brittle. And when salt acts on your hair, it also reduces the cross-linking between cysteine bonds in the chain, making it more fragile.


Hair splitting

In the most extreme cases, salt water damage can cause the ends of the hair to crack and lead to breakage, in addition to dandruff. These effects are worse on dyed or treated hair. If you have colored hair, salt water damage can not only make its texture rough but also change its color.


How to use salt water on your hair properly?

If you have recently used chemicals in your hair, such as hair dye or bleach, it is not recommended to wash your hair with salt water or expose it to seawater. Treated hair is already stripped of nutrients, and adding salt water to it causes it to lose even more moisture. In addition, prolonged exposure to salt water can cause dyed hair to fade. If you want to swim in the sea, you can apply nourishing hair oil to your scalp and hair before diving into the sea.


There are a few ways you can try to properly add salt water to your hair care routine:

Make a shampoo

In a container, thoroughly mix two parts of olive soap with three parts of salt. Wash your hair with the mixture for about 15 minutes, then run cold water to remove the residue.


Make a pre-conditioner solution

Mix 1/2 cup salt with 1 cup water and stir until the salt dissolves. Pour the solution onto wet hair after shampooing and massage it into the scalp for up to one minute. Then rinse off with cold water to avoid split ends and frizziness, then you can apply a nourishing conditioner.


Leave-in treatment

Mix 1 tablespoon warm water with 1 tablespoon sea salt in a spray bottle and mix until the salt dissolves. Next, add 1 tablespoon of leave-in conditioner and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix the solution until blended, then spray it onto your scalp.


Salt water used sparingly and in moderation, will do your hair some good.

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