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Lace Closure VS Lace Frontal

Mar 28, 2023

When you sew in wigs, you feel confused about what is lace closure and what is lace frontal. Let's tell you the answer.

Welcome to beauty forever hair knowledge class!


Hair is very important for a lady who loves beauty, but I think no one refuses beauty for women. When you sew in wigs, you feel confused about what is lace closure and what is lace frontal.


In this content, you will get:

What is lace closure, how many kinds of lace closure?

What is lace frontal, how many kinds of lace frontal?

Lace closure and lace frontal, what is the difference?


Take body wave hair lace closure and lace frontal as an example:


What is lace closure?


From the appearance, closure is small. Because the size of the lace is different, it has 4*4 inch lace closure, 5*5 inch lace closure in beauty forever hair store.


4*4 or 5*5 is the size of the lace, it called closure, I will show you by a picture:


 lace closure



People will ask why lace closure divides into three part, middle part, and free part, it depends on the pre-plucked on the lace, you will see:

 middle part lace closure, three part lace closure, free part lace closure



People will choose according to their interest, as the seller, we suggest people buy free part lace closure, it can be divided into any part you like if you don’t know which one you will choose when you place the order. It is convenient for you to DIY your favorite hairstyle. This is suitable for the people who want to save money, but still, want the effective about the real hair as yourself.


Some customers will ask how many quantities hair weaves do we need for our full head? It depends on the length of the hair bundles you choose and how thick do you want your hair to be. If you want full and thick, length more than 20-inch hair weaves, we recommend you choose 4 bundles hair weaves and one lace closure. If you choose less than 20 inches, you can choose 3 bundles hair weaves and one lace closure once.  


what is a frontal?


Frontal means the size of lace is 13*4 or 13*6 which is bigger than closure, and also lace frontal price is higher than lace closure, but you know it worth the price. I will tell you why it is.

As followings, I will show you a body wave frontal 13*4 inch

 body wave lace frontal


When you make a wig on your head, lace frontal takes more area on your head, which is more natural and real, some will have baby hair, but some don’t, if you are a skilled hair maker, you will know, pre-plucked line and baby hair, you can make by yourself, when you get the free part frontal, you will move and cut some hair, design the style you like, free part can meet your requirement enough. At that time you will be your hair stylist.


Does the lace strong enough? Where does it come from? Can I bleach it?  


Sure, our lace import from South Korea, Swiss and French, but most lace is Swiss lace, it is very strong, even a powered man can’t break it by hand, never the less a woman. But for the bleach, even it can bleach, but you should be careful with professional skills. You know the hair sew in the lace, if you bleach lace without proper way, it will cause the hair shedding. That’s why some people ask us why my lace closure or lace frontal shedding a lot. Before you ask us this question, you should think about how did you use the hair, is anything wrong? Honestly, we think you will find the answer. Please reference the article of how to dye your hair weaves.


OK, we think you will know the difference between the lace closure and lace frontal. Please make sure you know how to choose the right lace closure or the lace frontal for you. If not, please reread it.


welcome you who like beauty forever hair share your experience with us how to use lace closure and lace frontal. Thanks for your concerning!


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