Summer is hot, maybe you will be tired of the thick and long hairstyle, you hope to get a short and light bob wig. For African American women hairstyle, they want to have a fantastic hairstyle, so they can try lace front bob wigs, also called quick weave bob wigs, which are very suitable for summer. Let us introduce the best selling lace front bob wigs for black women.


There are many styles for bob wigs, such as straight wave, body wave, loose wave, natural wave, curly wave. Normally people choose straight wave and jerry curly. It has different density of 130% density, 150% density, and 180% density. Different density the hair used is different, if you want hair thick and full, you can choose high density. About hairline, it has the free part, middle part. Sideway part. You can choose any style bob wigs you like.


Here we will recommend one lace front bob wig for you.

Beautyforever Lace Front Middle Part Short Bob Wigs Human Hair

short lace front bob wigs



Lace front middle part short bob wigs feature

Hair color: natural black

Hair length: 8 inch to 14 inch

Wig style: lace front + hand-woven

Capsizes: 21-22.5 inch (adjustable)

Materials: 100% human virgin hair

Texture: Brazilian hair short straight bob wigs, Malaysian hair straight bob wigs, Peruvian hair straight bob wigs, and Indian straight bob wigs.

Advantage: it is lustrous and nice in any view. Several inches could be chosen, just follow your fashion step. No tangle, no shedding, no shorter hair. Absolutely smooth from the top to the end. You can dye to any color and perm as you like.

Good texture: for coming from healthy human hair, the middle part bob wigs are quite submissive and shine. 130% density make it full and attractive. You should be fabulous no matter loose or braid. Easily install and caring in your daily life.

Bleached well: the products have been bleached well. It has a special feature that 80%-100%-130% incremental density from the forehead to backward. All are designed as real human hair, lace front wig with baby hair around. Natural hairline, bleached knots, and middle part bob wigs.

Why choose beauty forever lace front wigs?

  1. Natural

   Lace front wigs are crafted by experts, each strand of the hair is knotted  by hand

   The ear to ear coverage perfectly aligns the hairline, making it super natural like your own hair

  1. Safe

   At the front, side and back, there is a clip, so you can fix the wig on your head stable and safe.

  1. Convenient

  It is convenient to take off when you sleep during nighttime, easy to lay it down, can be put on rapidly.

  1. Comfortable

   Ultra-thin, soft, breathable feel so much cleaner. Antibacterial, breathable, UV protection.

How to measure your head for a lace front bob wig?

There were six measurements for wigs size you need to take:

First: Circumference

The circumference is a way around your hairline, please wrap your hairline upon your ear, and tight your measurement which feels comfortable. There you will get the size, and check it. Generally, 21 inch to 23 inch is a national standard, there is a strap on the wig you can adjust the size from 21 inch to 23 inch. If you have a special size, smaller or larger, you need to tell the wig makers before you place an order.


Second: Front to nape

Use the measurement from the middle of your forehead, come across the top of your head, then to the bottom. If you can’t operate it well, you can find somebody does it for you and gets the right size.


Third: Ear to ear across forehead

From ear to ear, across your forehead. For lace front wigs, the size should be 13inch normally, different hair manufacturer uses different size, some use 13*4 inch lace frontal, some use 13*6 inch lace closure, if you want the hairline of your pre-plucked wig long, you can choose 13*6 inch lace closure.


Forth: Ear to ear top head

From ear to ear, across your top head. Please keep straight with your ear and the top head. This step decides how deep of the wig cap.


Fifth: temple to temple round back

From temple to temple, across the back of your head. Keep Horizontal line with your ear.


Last: nape of the neck

At the bottom of your neck hairline, measuring the size.

Please check this chart as following, we will give you a guideline about measuring for wigs step by step.

 how to measure your cap

How to wear your lace front bob wigs?

 how to wear your lace front bob wigs

How to wash your lace front bob wigs?

 how to wash your bob wig

How to move off a lace front bob wig?

Lace front wigs can last about 4-6 weeks on your head after the hair needs to take care of it, you should remove it carefully. Use a designated adhesive remover for lace front wigs. Apply enough to soften the glue, and slowly take the wig off. If you feel any resistance, apply more remover and wait several minutes before trying again.


There are many hair vendors in the market, price is not only the standard for choosing human hair wigs. Beauty forever hair won’t let you down, we are hair vendor from Xuchang where is the hair base in China, our price is factory directly supply and quality can make sure. So now if you are preparing to buy a wig, please come and visit our website.


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