In this blog we will discuss Malaysian hair vs Peruvian hair, and after reading this article, I hope you will know which hair type you want to use.


We Love Malaysian & Peruvian Hair


The fact is that most customers are just use Peruvian and Malaysian hair for hair extensions and do not understand their difference and hair features. If you are one of these people, you are advised to seek help from a hair exert. You need to know better of various hair extensions texture and in this way to find the best quality hair and to know which hair type suits you best.


Malaysian Hair


Malaysian hair is naturally healthy and shiny, and has a silky texture. This hair type will initially appear excessively shiny but it will resume its more natural appearance after 2-3 washes. The Malaysian hair extension is so popular amongst women because it lasts for a long period of time. In proper care, it will last for one full year.


Malaysian curly is very popular for African American women due to its thickness, shinny texture, natural-looking, beautiful and long-lasting curl pattern. The curls of Malaysian curly hair do not drop or loosen but will maintain its original form for the rest of the day after you wearing it. And you do not need any hair product to keep the curls in shape. Beauty Forever Malaysian curly bundles with closure is our best selling hair products.


Malaysian hair has a softer and silkier texture. And please be notice that, because of its fullness nature, Malaysian hair, if not well taken care of, can appear dry. To prevent this, you are advised to use enough moisture after second reuse of the Malaysian hair.


Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair weave is getting the curiosity of many because it’s said to be one of the best types of hair weaves out there. Peruvian hair is shiny, soft and lightweight. Peruvian Hair Bundles- Average in thickness and density. Peruvian has the ability to blend with the majority of textures of hair.


One of the things that make Peruvian Hair Weave amazing is the fact that it actually feels like real hair, but since it’s virgin, you can be sure that it’s soft, smooth, and free from tangles.


The best thing about Peruvian hair is that it provides a realistic look and feel once installed. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last for years and multiple installs.


In Conclusion

1. Both Peruvian and Malaysian hair are virgin hair and in good quality and beautiful pattern.

2. If you need coarser and thicker hair, then Peruvian hair is the best choice for you.

3. If you want shinny, wavy and soft hair, Malaysian hair is the best for you.

So you can rest assured that you are purchasing top notch hair. We guarantee that you will love our long lasting and beautiful hair. If you need coarser and thicker hair, then Peruvian hair is the best choice for you. If you want shinny, wavy and soft hair, Malaysian hair is the best for you. Peruvian hair and Malaysian hair are very popular hair type in the market, no matter which hair type you choose, you will get good quality hair to be ensured.