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Mink Hair Vs Virgin Hair, How To Choose And Maintain?

What is mink hair? Is it real? Is it same as virgin hair? Want to know more about mink hair? look no further, here's a guide to what is mink hair, and how to maintain them.

1. What Is Mink Hair?


MINK HAIR is a term applied to high-quality virgin hair, no animals are killed in the production of mink hair. Maybe the word of “Mink Hair” is a bit faddish, but it does correctly convey the sense of the softness, silkiness, and durability of mink hair.


Everyone seems to be a bit obsessed with mink hair. Let's put it this way, think of mink hair as a beautiful mink coat, but, only for your head. Full, luxurious, and extremely thick, now that's dream hair! Well, it's a reality now, the term mink hair refers to the highest quality of virgin hair.


The quality is great, and the durability is even more excellent! Mink hair color well, has a doubled stitch weft construction, is sourced from one donor, and flows in the same direction. Mink hair is one of the best textures for African American women. The texture is very full, very thick, has great body which emulates their hair perfectly, and this type of hair is versatile and will blend with all hair textures.


2. What Is Virgin Hair?


Let's be clear about VIRGIN HAIR. It is human hair from a single living donor that has never been subjected to any kind of chemical treatment. It was grown out by the donor without ever having been dyed or otherwise chemically processed. As a result, virgin hair is more versatile, is easier to work with, accepts new color more readily, and has a silky, natural feel. Mink hair just takes this quality to another level.


A single donor means all the human hair in the individual bundle is gathered and machine-made from the same person! Some may say this is not important, however, it is. Having a consistent curl pattern or color in your bundles allows your hair to look more natural and realistic. Who doesn't want that?


3. What Is The Difference Between Mink Hair And Virgin Hair?


Mink hair is like virgin hair, the difference is, the virgin hair is from a single donor. 100% virgin hair is a bit stronger and more lasting than mink hair. But mink hair is same thick and heavy.


Difference 1: The Quality


Mink hair is the highest quality virgin hair in a way. This quality ensures that mink hair is extremely thick, lusciously full, and usually longer than regular virgin hair.


And like virgin hair, mink hair has all the follicles flowing in the same direction. Combining same follicle flow and extra softness it is easy to see why mink hair is tangle resistant! This makes it delightfully easier to wash and comb out than other hair.


Mink hair is widely known for its high density making it more substantial and thick as well as being light, allowing the hair to be very soft and have a lot of body to it. Also, because of the density, it is less likely to frizz which is a great thing for the extremely humid states!


Difference 2: The Longevity


Besides offering the best results in human hair, virgin hair is far more durable. If cared for properly, most virgin hair weaves can last up to 18 months, and Beauty Forever Virgin Hair can last you up to two years.


And mink hair takes longevity a step and a year (or two) further. A quality mink hair weave has the potential to last you up to to three years. In addition to holding its own lustrous dark-brown color well, mink hair also readily accepts coloring. So if you need high quality weaves that will last years and can be treated almost like your own hair, then mink hair is the obvious choice.


You can rest easy, then: mink hair has nothing to do with mink coats, except for a similar high quality without the high price tag. If you are in search of some dream hair, Beauty Forever Mink Hair is the answer to your dreams!


4. How To Maintain The Mink Hair Weaves


You will need to take of your weaves as you would your real hair. Proper care should include daily brushing, hydration, and proper hair care products.


Step 1: Wash With Hair Weave Products


It is critical to wash your mink weaves with sulfate free and silicon free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates are known to increase sensitivity and may irritate. Condition your weaves to keep your mink hair more manageable! Deep condition or place a mask on once a week to ensure moisture.


They are also known to strip your hair and weaves from their essential oils. There's no direct supply of oils from your scalp into the strands. And remember avoid using heavy oils.


Do not brush your weaves wet; the hair follicles are most vulnerable when wet. No unnecessary popping if it's preventable. Makes the hair less porous and less prone to frizzly when in humid conditions. Makes hair more manageable due to it being lubricated.


Step 2: Dry Your Hair Weaves


Ensuring to properly dry your mink hair weaves is critical for your hair. Incorrectly drying hair can lead to many hair issues. Be sure to place your hair in sections and dry your braided hair thoroughly. Remember to use a heat protection when styling your weaves., the heat protection will smooth the cuticles on the hair shaft.


Step 3: Be Soft When Styling Your Mink Hair Weaves


When taking care of your mink hair weave. Use a soft-bristled brush, start at the bottom and slowly work your way up when brushing. Tugging and pulling on your hair weaves will creator snags and shedding of the hair weaves which will eventually lead to split ends. Yes, hair weaves are prone to split ins.


5. Is Mink Hair Weave Worth It To Invest In?


If someone were to ask if mink hair weaves were worth the price tag, I'd instantly say YES! Between the longevity, durability, and luxuriousness, mink hair does not leave room for anything to be desired. At Beauty Forever Mink Hair Weave Online Store we have assorted various mink hair weaves to meet your fashion needs, and we still have some holiday bargains going. 

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