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Real Hair Wigs Best Online Wig Store 2020

Bored with the regular hair setup, sitting on your scalp since ages? Juggling to maintain different hairstyles for different days? Dreaming to get the same hairstyle as that of a celebrity, but your hair isn’t supporting you? Do you have to wear a wig for some special reasons? Want to find an ideal real hair wig online wig store?

Well, I can empathize with you. We women always hang around with a never-ending list of beauty queries, and the hair problem tops the list.  Yeah, our hair can have greater mood swings than us right?


Well, all our struggles of the tangled, fluffy, dull, thin & rough hair ends right here, right now.


Here we bring you the best and one-stop solution to all your hair problems – Shop the Human hair wigs at the Best Online Wig Store - and embrace your beauty.


Oh! These arent the synthetic hair wigs with an artificial look and also not the usual temporary wigs demanding for a change every 3 months.  Our team at Beautyfoerver has gone through tedious processes - researching, analyzing, modifying and implementing the best practices and natural ingredients (human hair) to serve you with the best ever hair wig one would ever flaunt.


Yes, take a walk through our online store - and youll know it. Here at Beautyforever, we dont just sell beauty products, but actually adhere to make you beautiful forever.


Now the obvious question popping up in your minds shall be – How can I even buy a wig online? How do I know if it fits well & suits well, when I myself do not know which wig to buy and which to keep aside?


Well dear missies, why worry and stress your scalp when all we have is answers to your questions and wigs for your scalps.


Lets get started with a complete guide on Human hair wigs available on this best online wig store


Human hair wigs are exactly what they suggest by their name. They are real strands of hair donated by willing donors. Since they are actually human hair, they provide a high-quality look with a soft and natural feel, presents the most styling versatility and is certainly durable and the good news is nobody can actually guess if it is a wig or your real hair. Given the best quality, human hair wigs last longer than the synthetic hair wigs, are also easily available in customized shapes, sizes and textures depending on your choices and also can be dyed, colored, curled, and heated, without damaging the long lifespan and its texture.


Types Of Human Hair Wigs Available At Our Store


Like people, hair wigs also come in different shapes, sizes and textures. The regular human hair wigs differ according to the texture and styles, cap construction, lace area, hair density and colored wigs.


Types of human hair wigs according to the texture and styles:


● Curly human hair wigs & straight human hair wigs

● Water wave hair wigs & deep wave hair wigs

● Kinky curly hair wigs & kinky straight wigs

● Natural wave wigs & wavy wigs


Types of human hair wigs according to cap construction:


● Lace front wigs

● Full lace wigs

● Glueless human hair wigs

● U Part Wig

● Fake Scalp Wig


So whatever is your choice, our store has it all.


For example – if you are looking for new design u part wig - pick out the natural color body wave u part wig with 150% hair density.


Or if you are looking for glueless wigs – pick out the glueless human hair wigs with appropriate densities and colors.

beautyforever fashion show

How To Select Real Hair Wigs?


Selecting the perfect wig is usually a trial and error process, but not with us. We understand that wig requirement can be as unique as you, so it is important they feel secure, natural and ensure you feel confident and beautiful when you step out the door.


Here at Beautyfoerver, we bring you simple yet effective tips to help you choose the perfect wig for yourself:


Step 1 - Understand Your Real Hair Type


Here at our store, we provide the finest qualities and all types of real hair wigs, hence understand your real hair type and you are sure to find the same in our list.


Step 2 - Choose Your Hair Color


Our human hair wigs are available in a varied range of hair colors like pink, ombre, blonde, etc. Choose the vibrant hair color you ever wanted to wear and unleash your dreams.


Step 3 - Select Your Wig Cap


Take time to understand the size and shape of your head and also the density of hair on your scalp. This is very important to buy a secure and comfortable wig which shall last longer than the other. It is usually recommended to choose a size tighter than the actual size of your head to help the wig sit comfortably and tightly on your head.


Step 4 - Analyze Your Hairline


One of the biggest concerns, while choosing a wig is how natural will the hairline look. Yes, nobody wants to be offended in public showcasing an artificial hairline. Hence, analyze the hairline on your head and accordingly choose amongst the options available to help you get a natural and comfy look.


Step 5 - Choose Your Hair Length


Did you always dream of flaunting long hair flowing through your waist or the short hair covering your neck, bouncy curls falling through your shoulders, or bob cut covering your head? Whatever be your choice, be sure of it and check around the store to find THE ONE WIG.


So now when you understand the world of wigs better, let us help you a bit more - Here we bring you the top 10 selling real hair wigs at Beautyforever:


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1. Want a natural and casual look for everyday life, check out the new product u part wig human hair


 body wave u part wig




U Part Wig Cap Body Wave Wigs

150% Density

U-shaped Size 2*4 Inch

100% Virgin Human Hair

Hair length options from 12 inches to 24 inches


You can pull out a small section of your own hair through a u-shaped opening in the crown of the wig cap, this opening let you expose your own scalp for a more natural-looking.


2. Craving to cover your scalp with the curly strands, check out the Malaysian curly virgin hair bundles


malaysian curly hair bundles




Quality Unprocessed Malaysian Human Hair

Ear to Ear Lace Frontal Closure

Hair closure – free part

Available in 3 Bundles

Hair length options from 8 inches to 26 inches


3. Want to own perfectly straight hair, but not let the world know if it is real or artificial, check out the straight human hair wigs


 straight lace front wigs human hair




13x4 and 13x6 Lace

Long Straight Hair Wigs Natural Color

130% - 150% Density

Realistic Straight Lace Front

Hair length options from 12 inches to 26 inches


4. Wish to add volume to your curly hairline, check out the jerry curly human hair wigs


 lace front wigs jerry curly




Natural Color

Long Jerry Curly Lace Wigs

Pre Plucked Jerry Curly Lace Wigs

150% - 180% Density

360 Lace Frontal

100% Human Hair

Hair length options from 10 inches to 24 inches


5. Tired of thin long hair and dreaming of an entirely new look, check out the human hair wigs with baby hair


straight lace front human hair wigs 




Piano Color Straight Hair

13x4 Straight Lace Front Wig

150% Density

Natural Hairline and Pre-plucked Baby Hair

Hair length options from 12 inches to 24 inches


6. Wanna look fashionable as well as professional, check out the short bob wigs


short bob wigs with baby hair 




13x4 Lace Front

130% And 150% Density

Natural Hairline

100% Natural Straight Hair

 Hair length options from 8 inches to 14 inches


7. Obsessed with the voluminous fake scalp wig, check out the fake scalp wig body wave hair


 Body Wave Fake Scalp Wigs




Machine Weft + Hand-Woven

13x4 - 13x6 Lace Top

Natural Color

Hair length options from 10 inches to 26 inches

Undetectable Lace

No Bleaching Needed

Pre-plucked Hairline

No Tweezing

No Stocking Cap Needed

No Bald Cap Needed

No Glue

No Cornrows Needed

Ponytail, Braids And Bun, any Hair Style You Want


8. Want to change your hair partitions often while not meddling with the hairline, check out the Peruvian straight hair wig


Straight Lace Closure with bundles 




High quality Peruvian straight hair of 3bundles

Hair closure – Free part, middle part, three-part

100% unprocessed human hair weave

Lace color – brown and transparent

Hair length options from 10 inches to 20 inches


9. Waiting to experience glueless human hair wigs on your scalp, check out the glueless wigs with bangs body wave


glueless wigs with bangs 




Full Machine Wigs With Bangs

150% Density

Natural Color

Hair length options from 12 inches to 24 inches

Non-lace machine made wigs require no tapes or wig glues to wear.


10. Want a high-quality wig and also vibrant highlights, check out the straight human hair wig with blonde highlights


straight human hair wig with blonde highlights 




Chic Style Pre-Plucked Straight Human Hair Wig

13x4 Lace Front Wig

Blonde Highlights Color

150% Density

Undetectable Realistic Hairline

Hair length options from 8 inches to 24 inches


Customized Offers


Planning to wear a unique and personally designed wig or bangs? We have a way out for you. We have a professional team working together to answer and clarify your queries right at the click of your phones. Specify your preferences, desires and minute details and our team shall work towards your dream wig. Yes, dream your wig, pay for your wig and we shall deliver them at your door.


Wrap Up


Cling onto this beauty store and enhance your hair skills, whilst set yourself to be beautiful forever. Yes, the fast, superlative and supportive service is sure to build up your confidence and excitement to get you a new and comfortable look. You do not have to worry about its health effects, quality standards and price worthiness. Experience the shopping, buy your real hair wigs, at this online wig store and your reviews shall tell the stories.

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