Popular Short Curly Hairstyles

Naturally curly short Bob hairstyle: It is flattering on most people, gives superb volume, and very good looking.

Curly short hairstyle with heavy side curl fringe: best hair type, fine to thick density with a little natural texture.

Side parted short curly hairstyle: The perfect hairstyle suitable for working and party night.

Can You Go Short hairstyle?

If you have curly hair, you may wonder if short hair would look good on you and just how short you can afford to go. Here are some elements need to be considered:

Your personality. 
Can you rock a short curly 'do that bursts forth from the head like fireworks? How do you want to present yourself?  

Your lifestyle. 
Are you a wash-and-go kind of woman or do you like straightening your hair with a blowdryer and flat iron, or pulling it into perfect place?

Your head and shoulders. 
Short hair that hits at the chin or above can look absolutely stunning on a woman with a long neck. It's almost sculptural. But short, curly hair on a woman with a short neck isn't as flattering as hair that falls to the shoulders or just above it.

Your body. 
Your hair should balance out your body. Large, curvy women look great with curly hair because the volume adds balance better than stick-straight hair.