Most of my hairstyle is long straight hair. Several month ago I decided to change my hairstyle and cut my hair into short hair, then I knew that I still like longer, fuller hair. I am got to tell you my way to turn my hair into long straight hair: I bought Peruvian hair straight form Beautyforever hair mall. Surprising, I take a fancy to wear my straight hair weave. The long hair weaves not only bring me beautiful long hair and makes me feel warm in the winter.

If you consider to buy Straight human hair weaves, this blog will give you some tips. For I have known something about straight hair weaves and how to care for it, I thought it would be great to share my knowledge of Straight human hair with you.

Types of Virgin Straight hair

There are synthetic hair and human hair. I prefer the human hair for it is better quality and looks natural. You can dye, color you human hair as you wish. There are different straight hair type that you can choose from. I bought the straight Peruvian hair but other types are also great. Brazilian straight hair, Indian straight hair, Malaysian straight hair are available in Beautyforever hair mall. Choose the one you like.

Hair Care

The most important point of hair care of straight human hair is: be gentle. Treat your hair weaves as your natural hair. Use wide comb to brush your hair weave and avoid excessive tugging. Try not to wash your human hair weave often and use the special shampoo for hair weaves is better. When you are sleeping, loosely wrap your straight hair bundles with a scarf to avoid tangling.