The tape in hair extensions is seamless, even distribute of hair strands, comfort, smooth and soft, easy to install and remove, can be used repeatly. When sleeping, no sense of foreign matter, the tape extensions can be used for a long time.


The thickness of seamless tape is 0.5mm, soft material, no harm to hair. Tape in hair extensions is a new break in Hair Extensions, come from European, and become very popular around the world soonly, only be used in top hair salon.


Use method 

  • 1.Tape hair extension: two pieces of tape in hair extensions use in a unit.
  • 2.When install your tape in hair extensions, put a strand of your own hair between two peices of tape in hair extensions, then you can finish the fix part. Peel the cover from the adhesive of tape in hair extensions, as image below.

 tape in hair extensions


How to install your Tape In Hair Extensions

  • 1.Layer your own hair, lift a strand of hair with tail comb, the hair strand width should be one centimeter shorter than the width of hair extensions. Peel the cover from the adhesive of tape in hair extensions, Put the uncovered side up, 5-10cm away from the hair root, then affix your hair.
  • 2.Grad another tape in hair extension, peel the cover from the adhesive, position your second tape in hair extensions directly on the preview tape of your previews piece, then use your finger smooth over your tape extensions.


Seamless tape in hair extensions use import No-Shine Doule-faced adhesive, long lasting, water proofed, 4-7 weeks damage free application. Use remover after it lose its bonding effect, use new adhesive for the Human Hair Extensions.


How to remove the adhesive of tape in hair extensions

  • 1.Use remover to remove the adhesive, we can offer. 
  • 2.Use method: Drop a little bit of remover in the middle of adhesive.


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