Here are some of the most photogenic makeup tricks that will bring out the best in you.

1. Fill in your eyebrow. Remember that your brows convey emotion and character. They can also mean the difference between looking tired and wide awake on camera. Since features usually look lighter in photos, you can use a slightly darker brow pencil to emphasize your brows.

2. Your hair should be shiny. Spray-on shine provides that extra shine you’re looking for. Blush is also important. Your face can look 2 dimensional in pictures if your cheeks look pale. You can apply medium pink color on the apples of your cheeks to shape your face.

3. Wear bright lipstick. Dark colors can look unappealing and aging. Use brighter colors for your lips.

4. Your makeup should be a perfect match. Match your skin tone to your chest. If your neck is pale, you can apply a thin layer of foundation on your neck.

5. It is important that you wear mascara and curl your eyelashes. The eyes are the central point of a photo. Applying mascara and curling your eyelashes will open up your eyes and maximize its impact. More light will hit your eyes when they’re more open. This will make your eyes twinkle.

6. Don’t apply too much sparkle on your face. If you have oily skin, applying too much sparkle can make you look extremely sparkly. If you really love sparkle, you can keep your face semi-matte or matte. Apply some highlighter on the bridge of the nose and the tips of your cheekbones with a powder highlighter with a soft sheen.

7. Some sparkle below the neck can provide the skin with a nice glow. Apply a shimmering powder on your shoulders and collarbone.

8. If you don’t want to have a double chin, you should push your face forward a little and elongate your neck. Tip your chin down a little and stick out your forehead. Though this might feel a little awkward, this pose will make you look great on your photo.

9. Before someone snaps your picture, look toward a light. This will help you avoid red eye and shrink your pupils. You shouldn’t stand directly under a light as this can cast shadows on your face. Face a natural light source instead.

You should also think about angles. To give your features more depth, turn your head to a three-quarter pose. Standing in front of a light-colored background will also brighten your face. Using a white backdrop helps the automatic settings of the camera look for the right color balance.

Holding onto an object can also add personality to your photo and relax your posture. A natural smile is always better than a fake one, so joke with your photographer or think of something amusing when your photo is being taken.