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Three Part Closure (Something You Need to Know)

Dec 9, 2022

A closure is piece of hair that will over the forehead. What does three way part closure mean? It means that the closure has three parts. One in middle, one in left side and one in right side, which give you several options for hair parts.

What Does Three Part Closure Mean

A closure is a piece of hair that will cover the forehead and is designed to imitate the scalp and present full protection to nice hair! What does three way part closure mean? It means that the closure has three parts. One in middle, one in the left side and one in the right side, which gives you several options for hair parts. Get Beauty Forever three part closure now.

Another thing you should to know is that three part closure is very convenient and give you a unique look, you can try a braid pattern. But it does not always look very natural, sometimes the other parts will just leap out when you trying to cover them.

How to Install a Three Part Lace Closure

1. Bleach the lace of three part closure to make it blend well with your skin color.
2. Braiding your hair well and make it flatted.
3. Place the middle part of the closure directly on top of the middle part of your own hair.
4. Sewing in, or gluing in your three part closure.
5. After your complete your sew in process, you can style your three part closure into braid pattern.


The benefits of having a three part lace closure are that you have more flexibility to part your hair closure. Apart from three part closure, actually you have other options: free part closure, middle part closure. You can also try these two hair closure types.


Three Part Closure Sew In Braid Pattern

Many women like to braid their three part closure, and I quite like it. See the image below.

 three part lace closure

How To Care For Three Part Closure

Throughout your install, be sure to tie nice hair down every evening with a silk/silk shawl to keep it from unnecessarily tangling when you sleep. Either put flowing hair in a silk/silk bonnet or sleeping over a silk/satin pillow circumstance.


Scuff it less than possible. A lot more you scratch, the greater you release the hairs, the greater it’ll shed.


Make sure to carefully comb your weave/closure. Cleaning causes unnecessary dropping as well (the same complements natural head of hair).


When cleaning, never scrub the closure. It’ll tangle. Just run the hair shampoo through the hairs by using a downward action with your hands and rinse.


REMINDER: Closures WILL move back. There is absolutely no way to avoid new development from overtaking. They are not designed to be worn for weeks at the same time; however, you’ll be able to fix the closure without obtaining a new install!


Groundwork IS KEY! Make your braids under the Beauty Forever Hair closure small. Small the braids, the flatter the closure. This will not imply do little stringy braids. They ought to still be strong. You must never have vulnerable braids under any install.


Mildew/set the closure. Utilize a setting up foam to place the hairs on the closure in the correct direction. It is advisable to then sit your client under the clothes dryer.


In Conclusion

Three part closure is a very popular hair closure type, and above are things I want to tell about three part closure.  Three way part closure means that the closure has three parts. One in the middle, one in left side and one in right side, which gives you several options for hair parts. And hope you will get something helpful with the hair closure installation and care tips. 



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