Cyber Monday Sale
Cyber monday sale: 10% OFF for all human hair bundles, Beauty Forever coupon: CM10
Time is limited: only Nov. 27, 2017

Why buy hair in virgin hair bundles and frontal?

Why lace frontal? Lace frontal is ear to ear 13*4 lace frontal with baby hair, which is very easy to style and give a natural-looking hairline. Beauty forever Free part closure 13*4 allow you to part your hair in any way you want.

Why virgin hair bundles with frontal? You will need 3 or 4 bundles and a lace frontal for a full sew in weave. Compare with buying hair separately, you will find it is much cheaper to buy hair in hair bundles with closure.

How much bundles are needed for a full sew in?

It depends on the hairstyles and hair lengths you choose, and the fullness and thickness of hair you want.
Normally, for long straight hair or big wave hairstyle, you will need 4 bundles and a lace frontal to create a full hair wig.
For long curly hair or deep wave hairstyles, you will need a lace frontal and 3 bundles to creat a full sew in weave.
For short straight or big wave hair, you will need 3 bundles and a lace frontal.
For short deep wave or curly hairstyles, you will need a lace frontal and 2 bundles to creat a full sew in weave.


Cyber Monday Sales 3 Bundles with Frontal
Malaysian Virgin Hair Lace Frontal With 3Bundles
Peruvian Straight Hair Lace Frontal 13*4 With 3Bundles
13x4 Lace Frontal Closure With 3Bundles Body Wave Hair

Cyber Monday Sales 4 Bundles with Frontal

Lace Frontal Closure With 4Bundles Brazilian Body Wave
Straight Hair 4Bundles Natural Color With Lace Frontal
4Bundles Malaysian Curly Hair with Lace Frontal


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