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What Are The Differences Between Hair Toppers And Wigs?

If you are a beginner to wearable hair and suffering from hair thinning or hair loss, it is possible to be challenging for you to know the differences between wigs and hair toppers. But it is necessary and useful to learn their knowledge first to help you pick the right one from wigs or hair toppers.

Both hair toppers and wigs have their unique features, which are easy to be confused. So, let us start with their basic functions.

What are hair toppers?


Hair toppers are a kind of hairpiece used to cover the top head of people. It is also called a half wig or top piece and is designed to help women who have suffered hair loss from alopecia or medical at the first stage. A hair topper, like hair extensions, adds hair volume and covers the bald scalp to thin or fine hair with a natural appearance.

What are wigs?

 13x4 lace front wigs jerry curly human wigs


Wigs are made for people at the advanced stage of hair loss or serve for cosplay to create extraordinary results for actors. Wigs cover the entire head, in comparison to hair toppers which only cover the top partition of the head. They come to bigger coverage areas and better covering power so that greet with a warm welcome from most users.

What are the differences between hair toppers and wigs?

1. Different target population

Wigs have more target population than hair toppers. Because wigs are designed to cover your whole head of hair. Your hair will be hidden under the cap and the hair of the wig will be on show. This is different for hair toppers, which have a smaller base of the hair that can clip onto an area of your head. It means whether you have a hassle of hair loss or not, wigs are always your best option. By wearing wigs, you will never worry about the exposure of your natural hair and get rid of embarrassment. Confidence naturally perked up according to that.

Hair toppers are the better choice for people who just have gentle hair loss or thinning. You have to know that hair toppers should be fixed on your hair with clips. In this condition, if you try to apply hair toppers, please make sure there is enough hair to be clipped.

2. Different raw materials


No matter whether wigs or hair toppers are all made of two materials, fiber, and human hair.

Monofilament is one of the materials for hair toppers. Thinness and lightweight are its features. As a customer, a light hair topper is an ideal product that can prevent the head and neck from heavy weight and feel more breathable. But a coin has two sides.

Most synthetic hair toppers forbid heat tools, such as flat irons and heat dryers. Yes, It is okay to dry hair by air, and directly buy the hairstyle you wanted. However, you also lose the choice to style and dye hair at home by yourself. And it matters.

You know, hair toppers just cover our top heads, so we must make sure the hair topper is mostly similar to our hair, texture, color, and density. It is impossible to restyle the hair by yourself for synthetic hair toppers and synthetic wigs as well.

But synthetic wigs can differ from your own hair. Even if the product you bought is a bit denser than your hair or has another hair color, it is acceptable.

It is advisable to determine human hair wigs or hair toppers as the first choice for beginners. One, human hair has a similar texture to your own hair, and you can choose the same hair density as yourself to reach a perfect wearing effect. It looks most natural and realistic. Second, human hair is available to style hair by yourself. You can completely change the hairstyle from straight to curly hair, such as body wave, or Jerry curly. Or change curly hair back to straight to suit different occasions. Just one product is versatile for every phenomenon.

3. Color match

As mentioned above, if you plan to match hair color better with your clothes or make it easy to hair match, it is usually best to shop for a wig. Because wigs cover the whole head any darker color than your natural one can be great. And you may need to pay more attention to light hair color and dye the roots so that blend with natural hair better.

If you are going to wear a hair topper, a darker shade than your natural hair is proper. Or it seems weird or likes an ombre effect in lighter hair color. It is good just to blend slight differences for hair toppers.

4. Lightweight vs common weight

Hair toppers are always more light than wigs due to their thickness and coverage area. Generally, synthetic hair is much more light than hair toppers or wigs that are made of human hair wigs. So, synthetic hair toppers are the best option if you pursue lightweight and relaxing feelings.

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