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What Is A Quick Weave?

Quick weave has become an increasingly popular trend to achieve attractive hair in a short time. What is a quick weave? How to do a quick weave? How to remove a quick weave? This article will tell you more about the quick weave.

Quick weave has become an increasingly popular trend to achieve attractive hair in a short time.

What is a quick weave? How to do a quick weave? Maybe you have a lot of questions about quick weave, keep on reading to learn more.


What is a quick weave?

How to do a quick weave?

How to remove a quick weave?

What are the advantages of quick weave?

What are the weaknesses of quick weave?

How long does a quick weave last?


What is a quick weave?

Quick weave refers to a quick and fast method in that hair weaves with wefts glued directly to a protective wig cap placed on the head. You can get a quick weave at home by yourself or go to the salon with a professional hairstylist.

Compared with traditional sew-in weave, quick weave uses a protective cap that is placed over natural hair which helps keep the glue away from your natural hair to avoid damage.


How to do a quick weave?

The things you need to prepare before doing a quick weave are hair weaves, hair bonding glue, scissors, a protective wig cap, a hardening styling gel, and a dryer.

Step 1: Braid your natural hair into cornrows. Leaving either a side or middle part out by your preferences. Or you can use hardening styling gel to slick down and wrap your natural hair.

Step 2: Place the protective wig cap on your head, covering your natural hair completely. This action will certainly prevent your natural hair from getting bonding glue directly on it.

Step 3: Cut hair wefts to the correct size by measuring from left to right the area you want to place. Glue on hair wefts, operating from the back of the head to the front. Blow dry each hair weft once it has bonded to the wig cap.

Step 4: Style your natural hair and hair weaves to look more natural and gorgeous.


How to remove a quick weave?

Step 1: Choose an oil suitable for a quick weave. You can purchase hair oils or shampoo specifically designed to loosen and remove quick weaves. Apply the oil to each hair weft. Then dip your fingers into it and spread it directly onto the hair weft where it meets your scalp or the cap.

Step 2: Cover your hair with a shower cap or nylon cap to keep the oily hair wefts from getting into your face and leave it on for 1 hour to give the oil a chance to loosen the hair weft glue.

Step 3: Take off the shower or nylon cap after the wefts have soaked. Then rub the weft directly into the hair with your fingers. Rubbing should loosen the wefts so they start to slide down.

Step 4: Gently pull the hair weft out of your hair. Pull it completely away from your hair and continue to remove the individual hair wefts that aren't attached to the cap. If you're having trouble pulling away the hair wefts, saturate the hair with more oil, let it sit for another 30 minutes, and then try again.

Step 5: Once you've removed the hair wefts, spray or apply more oil to the edges of the cap. You should also massage and rub the edges of the cap so that it starts to come off. Massage towards the center of the cap and apply oil continuously with your hands. The cap gets looser and looser and pulls away from the scalp. You should now be able to completely remove the hat with the hair weft wire attached to it.


What are the advantages of quick weave?

Fast installation and time-saving

The biggest advantage of quick weave is quick! It is estimated that the time of installing a quick weave only requires half of the time to install a traditional sew-in weave or less. It's a perfect choice for those looking for a quick change of style or those with limited time.

Low maintenance

It is effortless to take care of quick weave, all you need to do is wrap your quick weave each night. You do not need much energy and time to maintain it.


The protective wig cap of quick weave is a great way to protect your natural hair. Your scalp and natural hair will be safe underneath the protective cap from heat or chemical elements.


A quick weave is much cheaper than a sew-in weave by professional hairstylists and human hair wigs, if you are on a budget, a quick weave is a cost-effective choice.

What are the weaknesses of quick weave?

Short durability

Quick weave lasts shorter than the traditional sew-in weave since the bonding glue used in quick weave could wear off shortly.

Hair loose

If you apply poor-quality hair glue on your natural hair, your natural hair strands may be broken or tangled if the quick weave is kept in for too long or not carefully removed. So you should remove your quick weave properly and carefully or ask a professional hairstylist for help.


How long does a quick weave last?

Quick weave may not last as long as sew-in weave because the bonding glue may start to fall off naturally after days. Quick weave lasts up to 4-5 weeks if done properly. 

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