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Mar 28, 2023

Does thinning of hair lessen your confidence in public? Then headband wigs are the best solution for you. Apart from providing a natural look and adding charm to one's personality, these head wigs have proven to be a boon in boosting the confidence to in particular chemotherapy patients. Excited to explore new things about the headband wigs but have some questions in mind.

Please continue reading as you will get all possible answers here.


♥ What Is Headband Wigs?

♥ Why One Should Wear Headband Wigs?

♥ How To Wear Headband Wigs?

♥ What Are The Features Of Headband Wigs?

♥ What Are The Key Advantages Of Headband Wigs Over Traditional Wigs?

♥ How Headband Wigs Are Prepared?

♥ Up Keeping Of Headband Wigs

♥ Some FAQ’s About Headband Wigs Answered

♥ Precautions While Handling Wigs

♥ Where You Can Get Headband Wigs?


What Is Headband Wigs?


A headband wigs a type of wig that is made with a piece of material resembling a headband. you need to gather your real hair, fix it with rubber bands or hairpins, take out the wig, shake it gently, untie the velcro, wear a headscarf, tighten the velcro snapping to your proper level, and fix the wig, A beautiful haircut is done within seconds.


jerry curly headband wigs


These will provide the wearer a new dramatic look and that too in seconds. A full headband wig has been proven to be a lifesaver for complete hair loss but is quit a costly affair and requires maintenance. But that was a thing ages ago. One need not to wear full headband wigs to cover a partial or ¾ hair loss as partial headband wigs (full/ half) are crisp solution for this dilemma. These wigs not only provide full proof hair coverage by concealing bald areas but also it does not hamper natural hairline. User-friendly nature makes this very popular in a considerably short time span. The availability of choices makes the wigs easy to access.


Why One Should Wear Headband Wigs?


Traditionally used wigs need to be styled to be frequently and can lead to problems like hair suffocation and scalp damage as when worn in case of partial hair loss only. It might be complicated to use for new werer and if already having hair. No choice is available for adjusting volume of wigs. For adjusting wig on head-on requires glues, tapes, pins, etc which may lead to headache.


While on other hand Headband wigs provide a significant length as well as volume when partial hair thinning, hair loss, balding IS the problem. Extra volume can be added in custom made wigs to give elegant looks. One can go for any hair fashion with such long and voluminous hair. Some of the pros of Headband wig verses traditional hair wigs are that no clips, pins or glue required when fixing the wig, very soft, stretchable and therefore much comfortable to wear. One may not feel hot and fleshy after wearing headband wigs as these are sweat proof and breathable. Waterproof nature is one of the added benefits as it makes them very easy and hassle-free to clean and up-keeping.


How To Wear Headband Wigs?


Headband wigs can be worn at special occasions as well as day to day life. Adjustable size and boycotting use of bobby pins, tapes makes them very user friendly. The only step involved in adjustment of hooks / Velcro provided in inner side of wig to match wearers head size or simply pull the belt on your head and you are done. Wearer should put the wig few inches back from hairline so as to match with natural hair by using wig brush or can put natural hairline over wig hairline.


What Are The Features Of Headband Wigs?

The headband wigs are very much light in weight so one may not feel heavy and sweaty. The natural airflow of hair is easily possible with these wigs due to highly breathable mesh used in manufacturing of wig. The grip of the wig is best fitted as it contains adjustable band to secure hair behind ears. The wig will not fall off until user removes it by herself. Due to use of open lace the headband wigs are more comfortable than traditional human hair wigs. The durability, affordability and natural look are some of the key features of headband wigs.


 curly human hair headband wigs


Key Advantages Of Headband Wigs Over Traditional Wigs: 


The unique elastic nature of headband provides ultimate softness to scalp surface and therefore comforts user. This elasticity of soft headbands provides good attachment to head which avoids unnecessary touching to wigs. No use of glues, hairpins prevent itching of surface. Headband wigs are best suitable for any type of hair and any texture and is capable of covering large bald areas, scares giving wearer a best possible natural look. With good looks these headband wigs are very quick and customer friendly to use as no lace or glue is involved. They are best suited for newly wig users. Very less time required to put wigs on makes it timesaver in todays rush life. Headband wigs are available with wide choices as half wigs, full wigs. One can choose headband wigs as per personal taste like curly half wig, curly full wig, straight full and half wigs. Generally, the wigs are ready to use but depending upon choice, style quotient, occasion to wear wig one can go for custom made headband wigs. The choices can be made in color, texture, and density, type of hair used in headband wigs.


How Headband Wigs Are Prepared?


The two types of hairs used in wigs are Remy hair and Virgin hair.  Remy's hair is natural hair also called 100 % Remy Human hair. These are non-chemical treated human hairs obtained from a hair donor. No use of color, bleach was done on these hairs. The Remy headband wigs are processed such that cuticle will be in same directions as natural. Non-Remy hairs can go through some mild treatment process to prevent tangling of hairs. Here each hair strand is woven into hair sheath to artificially form a scale-like surface. The best solution for styling a wig is far way popular as it provides flexibility of usage. The unique feature of this kind of headband wig to provide a very natural looking hair that too in affordable price is the reason for its popularity.


Up Keeping Of Headband Wigs


The headband wigs are no hard to maintain. A simple wash with any mild shampoo in cold water can keep your wig in good position. One can follow a few tips to do the work as follows:


1. Head wig hairs should be combed first with a hairbrush.

2. Mild shampoo washing in cold water.

3. Pat dry hair to remove moisture.

4. Brush again after complete drying.

5. Hang on wigs stand when not worn.


 straight hair headband wigs


Some FAQ’s About Headband Wigs Answered:


Although the headband wigs make the best solution for hair loss and thinning when compared to other surgical attempts there are several myths about them.


1.  Will my wig fall upon bending and in wind?


Ans: The appropriate size Headband wig will never fall off or slide down. Many come with adjustable tapes, hooks, Velcro. For additional security one can use tapes, glue, and bobby pins (optional).


2. Does wearing wigs will make me bound to one hairstyle only?


Ans: One can make different styles from a single wig if learned well. Moreover if used on daily basis natural human hair wigs needed to change in a year while synthetic hair wig will accompany you till 6 months. After that period if one is wishing to continue using wigs, the pattern of styling your hair can be changed. Using headband wigs which are comparatively less costly can be a best solution to try new styling. In fact lace front wigs are design such that they can be styled in numerous ways.


3. Do people will easily recognize that I have worn a wig?


Ans: The latest wig making technology provides the wearer a comfortable as well as absolutely natural look as they can be made from real human hair.


4. Will wig fit perfectly to my head size?


Ans: Knowing the proper size is the first and foremost step in the selection of wigs. An experienced friend or a buyers guideline can be a good help.


5. Will I experience hair loss or skin damage on the regular usage of wigs?


Ans: Natural hair growth is not inhibited or affected by regular use of headband wigs. They grow as per their natural speed regardless of covering them or not. The only precaution to take so avoid skin damage is periodical cleaning of wigs.


 headband wigs human hair


Precautions While Handling Headband Wigs:


Some of the synthetic head wigs cannot withstand heat and will melt against use of heating instruments like straightener, dryer etc. if one wants to use these hair accessories then buying Remy hair headband wigs or heat-stable headband wigs is best suited. Daily use of headband wigs can lead to wear and tear of wigs.


See how simple is it to choose and use this multi-featured headband wig. So get ready to have a trial for your own Headband wig.


Where Can I Get These Headband Wigs?


Tired of searching everywhere? And still not satisfied with what you get? Here we are at Beautyforever.com, committed to serving with best suited and quality products in headband wigs relatively at affordable cost. Just name us the wish to style your hair. A pool of varieties will appear in front of you. The Beautyforever provides variety in headband wigs like water wave headband wig, long straight wigs, curly human hair wigs, kinky curly, kinky straight and different hairstyles as you want.



If you wish to explore another categories of headband wigs feel free to browse at https://www.beautyforever.com and we promise you wont be disappointed.

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