How to install and remove I tip hair extension?

Fine comb, clips, protector strip, needle hook, I-tip hair, rings, pliers


Install of I tip extension

  1. Part the hair into horizontal sections from bottom. Use clips to fix the top layer of hair. The underneath hair strands should begin to install the I tip hair extensions.
  2. Put the protector strip right on the hair strands that you wish to install the extension, insert the pulling needle hook and pulling out a strand of hair. Use hook to go through the ring, the ring will sit on the lower portion of the needle, exposing the hooked end.
  3. Grab the hair where the first extension will attach and make the hair into the ring with needle hook. Use pliers to squeezed the ring tightly.


Removal of I tip hair extension

It is very easy to remove the I-tip hair extensions.
Just keep the pliers setting up, squeeze gently to open the closed ring and then slide it out.