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What Is Peekaboo Highlights Wig?

Trying a brand new hair color looks more different than just simply changing cloth. Natural hair color is cute but boring and dull. Be brave and try another hair color, and see what will happen then. Peekaboo hair color is a good choice.

If you’re looking for hair beauty that can still make you feel brand new, that’s where peekaboo highlights—a trend involving color that just barely peeks out from your base shade—comes in.



What is Peekaboo's hair color?


Have you ever played peekaboo? You stay behind a big tree with your sister and brother, hold your breath, and peek through your fingers. Although you have great hiding skills, pieces of colorful clothes are still in plain sight.

But peekaboo here is not the game but a particular color idea. From a professional perspective, peekaboo is actually a highlight idea than a kind of hair color. The word peekaboo indicates where the gorgeous and colorful hair is and how the hair show.

Peekaboo hair color refers to the application of color to an underlying layer of hair. When you run your finger through your hair, the lower tone will "peek" into your top layer of hair, revealing a touch of color. If you ask for peekaboo highlights at the salon, your colorist will apply thin or thick stripes of color below the top layer of your hair.


Why do people love peekaboo highlights?


1. Peekaboo effect

Peekaboo is a style that can be as showy or as subtle as you want it to be depending on your plans.

Peekaboo highlights give you the peekaboo” moment, not as easy as to spot when you wear peekaboo highlight wigs down. Instead, when you tie your hair up to a ponytail, peekaboo highlights are more visible. And wavy hairstyles will be great for this highlight to spot.

In addition, people who do not love large-scale highlights on the top layer of hair will fall in love with a more implicit effect made by the peekaboo highlight. The hue beneath peeks through your top layer of hair to reveal a pop of color when girls run their fingers through it.

2. Low maintenance

For women who want to play around with bright colors, like blonde, pink, and so on, a peekaboo highlight is a pretty good option. Because peekaboo highlights are great low-maintenance and less damaging.

Who should get peekaboo highlights wigs?

Peekaboo highlights wigs are fitted for everyone who used to wear human hair wigs and loves peekaboo highlight effects.

Youd better apply human hair peekaboo wigs but synthetic wigs for human hair wigs can be dyed by yourself several times so that easy to change hair color on your plans.

Contrary to human hair peekaboo wigs, synthetic wigs look more glossy but shine unnaturally. You may like their bright colors, which is okay. But getting more radiant and natural wigs is recommended to try peekaboo highlights human hair wigs.

Pros of peekaboo highlights human hair wigs:

1. Soft and natural

Peekaboo highlights wigs are not sharp but cute enough to catch the sight of people around you. You can go for a light beige for natural highlight effects if you are a minimalistic person if you are not used to applying dramatic neon colors.

Then the raw material of wigs, human hair promises you a similar hair texture to your own hair, soft and friction-free, reducing unnecessary damage to natural hair.

2. Various color matching

No matter what the color of your natural hair is, there are so many color matching for you to choose from.

Black hair with blonde highlights

It is one of the most common color matches for highlight, typical, classical, and pretty.

Black hair with dark red highlights

Black hair with dark red Peekaboo highlights

Rock your natural hair color with these dark red highlights!

Black hair with light pink highlights

A bold color match, looks fashionable and fresh, which flatters your pretty appearance easily.

Black hair with lilac highlights

lilac peekaboo highlights

Just like its name, the lavender hair color is delicate and understated. If you have pale skin, clove Peekaboo Highlight is for you. We like to pull our hair into a braided bun to show off all the nuances of this hue.

Brown hair with yellow highlights

yellow peekaboo highlights

You will never get bored when you look in the mirror once you wear yellow and black at the same time.

After reading this article, do you fall in love with peekaboo highlights and can not wait to try peekaboo highlights wigs? Visit, you will never regret it!





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