What Is PU Wig?

A PU wig is also known as a thin skin base wig. The thin skin is a polyurethane (PU) and usually, it is slightly brown, medium brown, or transparent to suit different skin tones – as such these types of wigs are normally custom-made, high-quality items as opposed to normal items. Since polyurethane materials can hold any kind of bonding agents (like glue, tape), thin skin can be attached with any type of adhesives if one chooses to, for added security.


This makes PU skin wig very attractive, easy to use the wig. That is the reason it is one of the most hyped and popular types of hair wig among women.

Why Choose PU Wig?

Polyurethane base is famous for its extended endurance and comfortable to use. If you are a fashionable user, the Polyurethane perimeter is very much suited to your head because you will discover that the bonding is so powerful after wearing the poly suit. And as how comfortable for you to wear it, it's quite quick for you to take it off and clean all up, especially you do not have to worry about those silly strip hassle. I guess that's the reason most people consider polyurethane wigs highly and think it's not only very easy to use but also very easy to remove from the head.


Being modern, a more substantial thickness and a more lasting hairstyle can easily be done by a poly base. Besides, a conventional tape (or adhesive, or a glue) could help someone to get rid of knots, tangles, or embarrassments. Just like, it's easy to wear a PU skin wig to run, jogging, or even have swimming.


So, to sum it up we can say PU wigs are easy to use and maintain.


human hair pu skin wig


Benefits of Wearing PU Skin Wig:

• No wig cap needed


• No plucking


• No Bleaching


• Perfect natural wear.


• Very natural, just like your own scalp.


• It provides a very unique, desirable, and glamorous look.


• Style or Restyle. You have the ability to style, restyle your hair in any desired hairstyle.


• Best quality: Made with premium-grade human hair.


• Cure for partial Hair loss: The individuals affected with partial hairline thinning or partial hair loss or frontal Alopecia Areata.


• Easy to remove adhesive. Another benefit of PU thin skin base wig is that the removal of sticky residue which is much easier as you don't have to struggle & try hard to remove the excess sticky residue on the likes of a lace wig.


• Provides a very natural, glossy appearance. When applied properly and by a professional hairstylist the thin skin base looks exceptionally natural and provides a realistic hairline.


• Cure for Alopecia patients. These wigs are fit for wig wearers with total hair loss (whether from mild to severe alopecia). Alopecia is a type of hair loss that happens when your immune system wrongly strikes hair follicles, damages hair growth thus resulting in severe hair loss.


• Good Alternative to lace. A good option if you have allergies, sensitivities, or problems to lace and other materials used to create other wigs.


• Creates a Good illusion. The cap places flat facing your scalp and gives the illusion of hair growing from your scalp. Thus, hiding Hair loss issues, Alopecia, and many problems.


• More Secure Hair wig. PU skin wig is PU thin skin base is constructed with weave hair around the outline. The transparent poly substance is vented by hand, using a looping system so the hair will stay stable longer. Because hair is not bound but injected into the thin skin material, there are no knots in that area and hair seems to be growing right out of the scalp and gives the illusion of skin. Each of our PU thin skin wigs is made with 100% premium grade virgin human hairs.


Most in-stock PU skin wigs are made with a density of 150% however giving the hairline a natural appearance with the bounce in the most coveted hair textures such as body wave, long straight hair, and jerry curl.


jerry curl pu wig

Where To Buy PU Hair Wig? 

The world of wigs is an ever-changing landscape of human hair and artificial adornments that will be worn for cosmetic, balding, or hair preservation purposes. It's no surprise we're invariably searching for the most reliable online wig stores to get our perfect appearance.


Also, today's wigs have developed so greatly that maximum can't even tell the difference between an actual scalp and a wig scalp. The internet has influenced this issue. Because of the internet & Social media nowadays everyone wants to show their glamourous makeover. Some people are there to blame who wants to flaunt their wigs, Hair units on social media, serving a flawless tease, and pursuing their choice of wig suppliers.


We have told you why you should buy a PU skin wig. Now, let us discuss where you can buy them. I would suggest the beauty forever online store.

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