Malaysian hair closure and bundles are more and more popular in Beautyforever hair mall. Malaysian Straight Hair is a highly sought after texture and very popular among celebrities. What makes Malaysian hair so special?


Malaysian straight hair is well known for its smooth and silk like texture with a glamorously high shine. Malaysian hair has an extremely luxurious feel. Its luster is low to medium-similar to Brazilian hair it is also thicker than Indian and Brazilian hair. Its medium sized strands and light density make it ideal for a full but light look. Our Malaysian Virgin Hair which can be safely permed and colored is 6A Virgin Hair. Our hair is a pure virgin quality product imported directly into the United States. Our Malaysian Hair provides quality and versatility to any hair style. Soft, manageable gorgeous human hair made with an extra thin weft for smooth easy application and wear.


Malaysian Hair Description

Shiny and silky Malaysian Hair color is dark brown and near black. Malasyain hair style is slight wavy. Compare to Indian hair, it is  heavier, thicker aswell as softer and silkier than Indian hair. Malaysain virgin hair is straight with a slight wave. More thinner and softer than Chinese hair.  


Malaysian Straight Virgin Hair is naturally free from curls and kinks, enabling you to enjoy a spectacular fall of straight hair that is easy to work with. Yet, if you do crave curls, simply use your usual curling iron or other tools to achieve the curls and additional volume and movement you're looking for. After that it simply just washing and drying and the Malaysian straight is back to being perfectly straight.