There are Machine wefted hair wigs, 100% hand tied hair wigs(Full lace wigs), and half machine wefted half hand tied wigs(lace front wigs) for you to choose. Make sure you find a wig that fits your needs and budget perfectly.  

Do you want to take a risk and change up your look? Go completely short wigs for black women or take long human hair wigs! Maybe you want your look closer to your biological hair style.

If this is the first time you try wigs, we suggest you stick with current hairstyle or style you feel most comfortable in. Remember… A wig is a perfect hairstyle.

Be natural
A good tip for first-time wig wearers is to mirror your natural hair when it looked best. You can save new and different styles for your next wig purchase. For now, choose a wig that looks healthy and natural.

Don’t assume that more expensive means better
Don’t just assume that a higher-priced wig will be the best one for you. Wig technology and cutting-edge designers have produced a number of inexpensive options that are very natural looking.

Know that you can keep seeing your hair stylist
A human hair wig can be cut and styled much like your normal hair, so you can still visit your stylist for a new look once in a while. Some wigs actually benefit from a proper haircut that takes your face shape into consideration.

Consider additional wigs and headwear
What will you wear while your wig is being washed? Will you wear it around the house as well as outside? Many women are comfortable going wig-less at home, but you may want to have a soft cap or turban to wear to bed, or just to stay warm. Scarves, hats, or a combination of the two can also be used on days when you don’t feel like wearing your wig. Also, keep in mind that wigs can take up to 24 hours to fully dry after washing, so you may want a backup wig or headwear for use during that time.