1.Find a good seller of human hair weave, how to determine the buyer is good, you can see his evaluation, if more people bought from there,and many people have written more detailed product evaluation, then the seller's credit is still relatively Reliable, and if most of people say their products are good,then then his product is definitely worth buying,in short, we must know how other people are evaluated, this is really too important for online shopping.


2.Human hair weave is as much as possible to have a physical map,a real shot to wear the effect map is even better, if not the actual wearing effect, but the online sellers with models, I suggest that you'd better ask the seller to see the physical map,especially the convergence of the scalp and other parts of the details of the map.


3.Wearing human hairgeneral also need some accessories, such as: hair net, steel comb, small hairpin, some of these things will be presented to the buyer, and some have to buy, in any case, The girls of the first time to buy the human hair weave,whether it is straight human hair or curly hair,remember these tools to make sure buy, wearing a beautiful human hair weave can not be separated from them.


4. Finally, whether online or offline, to choose their own face hairstyle, do not pursue too long human hair weave, because too long human hair is really not easy to care, a round face can choose to cover the cheek of the hair; square face can choose the straight hair on both sides,it seems that the face is softer;long face can choose some of the more fluffy forehead hairstyle, so look more harmonious face.


The above shares are a number of online shopping human hair experience, we hope to help you.Beautyforever Hair is a good manufacturer which specialized in virgin human hair production and online sale,we rely on our human hair quality and reputation to have won many new and old customers,welcome to come to buy.