In the present, the virgin human hair raw materials on the market is mainly made of Chinese human hair,Indian human hair,Brazilian hair, Europe hair and so on.

Chinese virgin hair:

Chinese virgin human hair is the largest amount of raw materials produced virgin hair weave, China has large population, the hair is very hard, acid treatment can bleaching and dyeing, decorated to the head can do modeling. In the United States and Europe,they are more popular.


Indian virgin hair:

Indian hair is very soft, th hair is not straighter than China hair, a small wave volume, and it is easy to break hair after chemical treatment.Therefore, under normal circumstances, we do not use this kind of hair.


Brazilian virgin hair:

Brazilian virgin hair is high quality,it is known for its full body, beautiful bounce, texture and versatility. This hair has a shiny appearance and feel. Baby Doll’s Brazilian hair is soft and smooth, and is versatile and works for all hairstyles.


European virgin hair:

European virgin hair color is closer to the local consumer market, which is currently the most expensive raw materials, European virgin hair is soft, not suitable for dyeing and post-processing,in general,it is used to make human hair extensions.


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