Customized long human hair wigs, wigs lengths range from styles that fall just below the shoulder, to the lengths that reach to the mid back and even lower. Multiple colors are available for you. From long kindly curly to long wigs with wavy layers, there's a wig here for every personality.


Long Straight Hair Wig
Classic, sleek long straight hair is always a necessity in your lace wig collection. It is available in various colors, hair lengths, and we can customize the middle part, free part, three part, long straight human hair wig with bangs according to your requirement.


Long straight human hair wig use one hundred percent virgin hair, is durable and can be used for a long time. And it is made specifically to ensure maximum comfort when being worn.


Long Body Wave Human Hair Wig
Long body wave hair wigs is especially full natural looking, refreshing, super feminine wave and seductive. The body wave hairstyle has been popular for almost 2 years, and still very hot now.


It is made of best quality virgin human hair, this long body wave wig unit is silk, soft and high quality, has not been chemically treated in any way, can be flat ironed for a sleek straight look and curled for curly hair.

Long Loose Wave Wig
Long loose wave wig is so hot. This hair is designed with loose wave and natural color. Our loose wave and human hair deserve your proper care, so take good care of your long loose wave human hair wigs. Do not brush your hair, finger comb with conditioner while washing, lay dry instead of hang dry to avoid loosing the curls.


Long Natural Wave Wigs
Long natural wave human hair has natural look and soft touch. Natural wave hair wigs are popular because of its natural looking wavy pattern and low maintenance. Wearing it, you also can try other hairstyles at will, like top knot hairstyle, ponytail, or long natural wave with bangs.


The curl pattern of the natural wave hair wig can last a long time if it is being maintained carefully. The hair is little to no smell, also no tangling and minimum shedding.


long natural wave wig

Long Curly Hair Wig With Bangs For Women
Long curly wig are highly welcomed by black women, for it makes them look gorgeous and sexy and wild, the springy ringlets are indicative of the large personality.


Fashion Long curly wig with bangs is very attrative and add a bit of cute feature, provides a natural curly textured look and are made of the highest quality virgin hair.

 long curly human hair wig

Where to buy Long Human Hair Wigs?
To sum up, long human hair wigs from Beauty Forever are made of virgin human hair, has various wig lengths, multiple colors and many hairstyles, you can customize your sleek Long Straight hair wig, refreshing Long Body Wave human hair wig, hot Long Deep Wave human hair wig and natural looking Long Natural Wave wig, and wild Long Curly hair wig at Beauty Forever Hair store. So Beauty Forever online website is a great choice to customize long human hair wigs.