Wigs for black women are necessary for daily life. But the style has little change, it becomes more and more natural and comfortable. Recently, there is a wig very popular in US beauty market, it is transparent lace closure or frontal wig. Why it is so popular? Beauty forever hair as a fashion hair seller, let us reveal the mask and tell you the truth.



What are transparent lace closure and lace frontal?

The transparent lace closures have two kinds in beauty forever hair, they are 4*4 inch transparent lace closure and 5*5 transparent lace closure, the color of lace is transparent. While the transparent lace frontal size is 13*4 inch. No matter what size of the lace, they have the same features:


1. Natural black human hair, unprocessed. It is easy to color, you can bleach and dye it to any color you like.

2. Transparent lace, 130% density, free part, is import from Swiss, so it called Swiss transparent lace or Swiss HD lace. The color of the lace is transparent, this color is suitable to any skin, you can make little adjust and let the color of the lace like your own skin. The hair sew in on the lace is not too thick nor too thin, it is an international standard. All the transparent lace closure is a free part, you can make the hairline by yourself according to your face style. Some customer thinks the closure is not too thick, actually, when you process the hair and make a wig, you will cut and pick some of the hair to make the wig more natural. So it is not the thicker, the better.

3. Bleach knots. Materials of the lace are imported from Swiss, it is powerful and strong, don’t be afraid to be worn. You can bleach the knots by the proper way, or you will ruin the lace and the hair, it will shedding. Because you know the hair sew in the lace, there is a knot, if you bleach way to destroy the knots, the hair will break and shed. So it is very important to use the correct way to bleach your lace closure.

4. Hair closure length 10 to 20 inch. The length of the closure from 10 inches to 20 inches, it is the same as other closures in beauty forever hair mall. Except for transparent lace closure, we also provide hair bundles matched. It depends on your requirement, long hair or short wigs, you can choose 3 or 4 bundles with a transparent lace closure. If you need to make a short hair wave wig (less than 20 inches), you can choose 3 bundles with closure. If you need to make a long black hair weave wig, you can choose 4 bundles with closure.

5. 100% human virgin hair. All the hair in beauty forever hair mall is really human virgin hair, we have a hair test report in China hair quality test center. We are a brand hair company, so we can make sure the quality of our hair. So our hair is popular in the whole world, especially in the US. Human virgin hair tangle free, shedding free, we can say no shedding, usually, a little shedding is normal for the real hair. Healthy ends, no splits, glossy.

6. Transparent Lace with bundles

You can order a separately transparent lace closure or you can also order transparent Lace With Bundles. We supply body wave and straight wave hair weaves, and you can choose the texture Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, and Peruvian hair.

Customers don’t know how many bundles for a full head, it depends on how thick you want your hair will be. If you need a long wig over 20 inches, we suggest you purchase a transparent lace closure with 4 bundles; if you need shorter one less than 20 inches, you can buy 3 hair weft with a transparent lace closure or a frontal. It won’t let you down, people like this kind of lace closure very much.

lace front wigs

What is the difference between transparent lace closure and light brown lace closure?

Obviously, you will see the lace color is different, one is light brown, and the other one is transparent. But as a new start transparent lace closure only have two kinds: body wave and straight wave, if you have special requirement, you can contact us for customizing information. Some people will ignore the information about the customized which means only we get your order, we will transfer it to the factory to make it for you, Such customized items just for wigs.


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