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You May Be Concern About Some Hot Issues with Human Hair Weave

Gone were the days when people particularly women has a taboo for hairstyling let alone wearing wigs. Nowadays with constantly changing fashion trends; youths are habitual about experimenting with hairs. They love to change their hairstyles, hair colors, and even a hair wig also. The human hair weave is the easiest and comfortable way to enhance your personality traits by trying out different hairstyle patterns using hair bundles. In today's busy life the quick weave comes handy when you have no time to perform your hairdos.

Although people love to style the hairs as per different occasions and moods, they are also very concerned about the safety and usefulness of the human hair weave they are using. You must have encountered some hot issues that human hair weave wearer has encountered. If yes then this article is an attempt to summon all the hot issues related to these hair weaves and give satisfactory answers to all queries related to it.


Does Hair Styling Have An Age?


 human hair weaves


A large group of the population believes that age factors affect totally to the hairstyling and hence also the wearing of different types of human hair weaves. A long time ago the hair styling was not considered suitable for elderly women. People then believe that an older age woman should not style their hair as the younger women do; they were worried about the hair damage they would undergo at this age due to various hair styling.


But today even hairstylist also agrees with hairstyling at different age groups. If you have a good choice you can always style your hair irrespective of the age group. The care should be taken that it will suit your persona and will not hamper the health of your hair.


Does Human Hair Wigs Hamper The Health Of My Hairs?


Instead, human hair wigs protect the health of the hair. Most of the times people do wear wigs for the purpose of resting their original hair or protecting them from outside dust, smoke, pollutant, etc. so, it is of utmost importance that whichever type of wig you wear whether it be human hair weave or quick weave, make sure it is of good quality.


At beautyforever we have 100% human hair weave which is totally safe to use and lasts longer. It is always advisable to use the best quality weave because although the ordinary or cheap weave are cost-effective to the pocket they hardly last longer. Plus you have to spend a lot of money on maintaining the weave. So, it is beneficial to pour money into maintaining and repairing the wig, use it for purchasing a good quality wig.


Do Shampoo And Conditioners Are Effective In Cleaning The Weaves:


Yes. The shampoo and conditioners are quite effective in rinsing and cleaning the weave. You can wash the scalp or wig cap by using a good quality shampoo. Just take a small quantity of shampoo on your palm and rub to form foam. Apply this foam evenly to entire your hair and gently rub to remove dirt like impurities. It is of utmost importance to use a good quality shampoo as low grade and cheap shampoos can harm the hairs as they contain harsh chemicals. Only shampooing of your hair weave hair is not sufficient. Like your natural hairs, they also require care and love and this can be achieved with the use of a good conditioner. Dryness and roughness in washed hair can be prevented after washing them with the conditioner. They add moisture and luster to your hair. Therefore hairdressers always advise using good quality conditioners to increase the longevity of your hair weaves. In-fact in the market, you can always find a separate type of shampoo and conditioner for your wig and these are affordable too.


 body wave hair bundles


Does Human Hair Weave Damages Original Hair?


The most common issue most of the woman worried about is that will be adapting to human hair weave damage my original hairs or not. Don't worry. If installed properly and up kept neatly human hair weaves are safe and do not damage to hair. Although the hair weaves are very easy to install still it is better if you take the help of some hair expert. This will prevent the unnecessary stretch on original hair and will keep them safe from falling or breaking due to wearing wigs. When you say about sew-in weaves there is a great risk of stretching of hair and damage to hair root. Therefore it is very important to look after proper installation of hair weave.


How About The Longevity Of Human Hair Weaves?


A 100% human hair weaves are durable and if upkeep properly can last up to 6 months to 1 year. The durability of the weave is solely depended upon how you take care of it. Another important factor affecting it is the quality of the weave you are using. A good quality hair weave will last longer due to good quality material used in it while cheaper wigs will not last that much. It is always better to spend more money on a good quality wig than maintenance and repairing the existing one. Also if a good quality wig care product is used in taking care of wig then they will last longer. A good maintained and nicely kept wig will definitely transform your look. Here just follow simple steps and see your wig last like a new.


Always hang your wig on a stand whenever not in use. Regularly wash your wig hairs as you do for your original hair. Always use wide-toothed comb while brushing the hairs. First, detangle the hairs and proceed with styling. Minimize the use of hearting tools for hair styling; this will damage the hairs strands.


Can I Highlight My Human Hair Weave?


Yes. You can surely highlight the human hair weave. A human hair weave can be styled, coloured and highlighted as natural human hair. Just care needs to be taken that avoid using a harsher chemical colour while colouring or highlighting the human hair weave. Also if possible do not use bleaching agent on hair weave. Such bleaching agents are generally used for purpose of getting a blonde look to hair. But these most of the times cause weakening of the hair strands and breaking of the hair shaft. If you wish to you use some chemical treatment to your weave hairs make sure you consult to some experienced stylist and use trusted brand for colours. If some basic care is taken then you can for sure enjoy highlighted hair strands.


Why My Hairs From The Weave Are Falling And How Should I Avoid It?


The climatic zone you are living in is the key factor affecting your hair health. Like in humid climate due to excessive sweat the hairs become clumsy and stick to each other. In such cases, you must wash your hair weave frequently using a branded special hair wig shampoo and condition them using a good conditioner. Regular washing of your weave hair ensures removal of all dirt and sweat from the hair shaft. If not cleaned properly they may lead to the growth of fungus.


Another factor contributing to hair fall is hair colours. Harsh chemicals and or ammonia containing hair colours are very harmful to your hairs. They temporarily look good but slowly lead to hair damage of your weave. If you want to go for colouring then prefer doing highlights rather than full colour. In colouring also ask your stylist to use ammonia-free hair colour. This prevents your hair from drying and breaking.


 human hair bundles sew in


The most un- avoidable factor which you hardly can control is pollutants you expose from traffic and environmental factors. It contains a large amount of dust and pollutant. These tend to settle on the hair shaft and tend to harm the hairs. The only way to protect is to stay away, so you can only cover your head and hairs fully with a scarf to avoid direct contact with this pollutant. Hygiene is also one of the factors that decide the health and longevity of your human hair weave. If you regularly will not wash your hair weave properly then they might lead to fungal infections which are very hazardous to health.


With all this information we believe that your hot issues related to human hair weave are at least partially clear and you are confident enough to take care of your weave and glow like a shiny star with your newer look.  Hairstyling is a very personal choice and hair weave is a great way to give your hair a good rest and you a great style. so just give it a try. Forget about all issues that were in your mind about hair weave.  So, just left your worries to us and ask anytime to our experts at Beautyforever online hair store. Here you are assured about 100 % human hair weave guarantee with the longest durability.

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