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How To Maintain Colored Lace Frontal Wigs?


Shiny-colored lace frontal wigs always attract people in the sunlight. Even stay at home, they still look gorgeous and make you pretty. Compared with natural black lace frontal wigs, colored human hair wigs, such as violet ombre, fine copper, and highlight blonde hair, are more glamorous and wonderful. Not only do the colorful shades appeal to women, but the unique representation they have draws our attention.

When you get your favorite colored wig human hair, the first thing you may want to do is to check the color of the roots. Some hair stores offer black roots and wait for you to bleach your hair by yourself, which helps hair to achieve the expected effect easily and blend with your complexion. But in the process of bleaching, it is likely to damage hair texture, as colored lace frontal wigs were bleached before it was made. So, to last the lifespan of colored human hair wigs, it is best to buy a proper wig without the need to bleach it.

1. Wash colored human hair wigs with lukewarm or cold water

High-temperature water boost hair fade. It opens the hair cuticle and speeds up the running of color agent molecules. Color water is okay in summer, and in chilly winter you could choose to wash your hair with lukewarm water.

2. Use Shampoos made for Colored Wigs

Normal shampoos for natural hair certainly clean your wig, but they seem too hard for bleached human hair. Wig shampoos are milder and more gentle to cleanse your hair, meanwhile, protect hair color.

3. Condition your hair regularly

As you know, colored wigs of human hair are more fragile than black wigs, especially these light-colored wigs, which were bleached deeply at first. To maintain wigs’ luster and smoothness, you need to apply hair oil and conditioner every time you are finishing washing your hair.

In addition, add the times when hair frizz and the split end appear.


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