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Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is soft to the touch, lustrous and moderately thick, as well as having good natural durability in a variety of temperatures and conditions. Brazilian hair appears a deep natural black in natural light, very similar to Color 1B.

Brazilian hair is a type of hair that is commonly used for wigs and hair extensions. It is a high-quality hair type. Wigs or extensions made from Brazilian hair can hold their curls better than other types of hair.

Brazilian hair is not easy to tangle, and the effect of hair coloring is also very good. This type of wig is easy to style and holds up well. So in the wig industry, 100% Virgin Brazilian hair is a very popular wig material, which is characterized by being unprocessed, so it can be easier to do hairstyles, color treatment and maintenance.


Different types of Brazilian Hair

Curly Brazilian hair: Curly hair is most attractive to both men and women. The bounce of a woman's curls is seductive. Curls can be worn with a variety of styles. It is silky and has a healthy sheen and shine. It has a very good curl.

Deep Brazilian curls: Brazilian hair is known to be one of the most sought-after textures on the market. Brazilian deep curls are widely used for their softness, durability, and density.

Straight Brazilian hair: This style is recommended if this is your first time with these extensions, or if you want easy variety in your look. In its natural state, Bossy straight hair is silky smooth.

Body Wavy Hair: Virgin Body Wavy hair will perfectly complement your natural hair. Because it's thick, it's hard to break. This type of hair stays in good condition as long as you take care of it. It doesn't require any special maintenance. It curls beautifully whether hair is wet or dry.