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Different Types Of Wigs

"Which types should I choose" may confuse you for a long time. Now, let me show you the details of different types of wigs and see what is the best one.

Human Hair Wigs


Human hair wigs are one of the dominant wig types. Human hair wigs are made of natural human hair, from different areas worldwide. These wigs are easier to style and can be cut and colored just as you do to your own hair. Human hair wigs can also be worn for longer periods of time. Generally, high-quality human hair wigs last for more than three months with good maintenance. From days to a week without needing to be removed, and they will still stay on your head, looking as natural as ever.

To sum up, human hair wigs are worth buying wig types.

Synthetic Wigs

As one of the top-sale wig types, synthetic wigs have their own advantages. Composed of man-made fibers, they are much more durable than human hair wigs.

Then, synthetic wigs have the ability to hold a certain style no matter the conditions. They come already styled and will retain their style for much longer. You can say synthetic wigs are much easier to maintain.

However, this type of wigs are hardly be styled with heat tools.  Some high-quality synthetic wigs can be styled using heated styling tools. But, this may prove to be more difficult than styling real human hair. And since it is not made of natural hair, a synthetic wig cannot be colored differently.

Lace Front Wigs

With a lace front wig types, the front hairline of the wig features lace material with this wig types, individual hairs are tied to a fine mesh material that allows both light and air to pass through.

And allows for a nearly invisible hairline. Use tape or adhesive can be used to secure the lace to the scalp.

Made of an ultra-fine mesh fabric that blends with any skin tone, giving the look of real hair growing from the scalp.