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How To Keep The Curls In Deep Wave Hair?


Deep wave hairstyles have big curls and look gorgeous, but people who like deep wave hair face a problem that could not keep the curls well. They may use rollers or curling irons to ensure each curl is perfect, but it seems hard to renew hair as the original look and then become shapeless.

If you are struggling with this issue, read on. This article will tell you some efficient tips to help you maintain deep loose wave hair.

Use heat protectant

To maintain curls, you'll need to use tools, which can hurt your texture, so you'll need to apply heat protectants to prevent hair from high-temperature damage. This will protect your hair from straightening and curling irons.

Apply texture spray

Texturizing spray is a milder version of hairspray. It keeps your curls in place without weighing them down and making them lose their bouncy. It also works like a shampoo to remove oil from hair and add volume.

Furthermore, it will hold the curls in place and give the hair a great, fuller look. You can use a styling spray before, during, or after curling.

Replace your pillow with a satin one

The satin or silk pillowcase will reduce friction on the hair and keep it smooth and frizzy.

Fan your hair out

Before you go to bed, part your hair down the middle and let it out to the sides so that it lies flat on the bed. If you sleep on your back, your curls are likely to be flattened.

Use a scrunchie

If you have long hair, it is a good option to use a scrunchie to loosely secure the top of your head. This prevents you from sleeping on curls and letting them flatten. But it is not recommended to apply for short hair. If you have a bob hairstyle, pushing your hair up at night with scrunchies may affect the overall look of your hair during the day.


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